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July 2018 Monthly Review

TL;DR: My first child was born, Luke Timothy Hinkle! Ash and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary, I started writing two blog series, bought a HomePod and was a guest on a Podcast!


Luke was born!

On July 29th, we went in for inducement and on Saturday, July 28th, 2018 Luke was born. We took him home on July 30th. I started a blog series called Fatherhood Log. I also created a website for Luke.

Ashley and I celebrated our 5th anniversary

We got married 5 years ago, and this month we enjoyed a nice lunch at hootch and banter

We enjoyed an 80’s concert

The Urbana Carnaval hosted an 80’s night, and we went and enjoyed the concert.

Enjoyed an exciting night at the Frederick Keys

The Keys had an excellent game that went into overtime with 12 innings.

Started writing new IndieWeb blog series

I started a new blog series called “My IndieWeb story” to chronicle my involvement with the IndieWeb.

I bought my first HomePod!

Super excited! Bought my first HomePod and it sounds great!!

Microcasts Recorded

I was a guest on 1 episode of Micro Monday and I recorded 4 episodes of 30 and Counting in July.

Guest Podcast: Micro Monday, Episode 18: @EddieHinkle

This week, Jean talks to Eddie Hinkle. He’s a software engineer who lives in the Washington DC area, and he is working on several interesting projects, including Indigenous, an iOS app that provides an interface for the IndieWeb. Jean was grateful that Eddie could make the time to chat, especially as he is also a father-to-be whose child is due this week!

Episode 11: Re-thinking my Homepage

In this episode, I talk about some nice minimalistic homepages I’ve seen recently as well as some other inspiration pages I’ve looked at. Thinking through some pros and cons of my website and how it could look.

Episode 12: Seven Days

In this short episode, I talk about time and how it quickly it can move, as well as what the next seven days hold for me.

Episode 13: Grilling

In this episode, I grill some burgers while talking about grilling and how my perspective on it has changed over time.

Episode 14: Car Woes

In this episode, I tell the story of our Honda Civic and our procrastination, all in light of the impending arrival of our first child.

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Articles Written

I wrote a lot of articles in July, with a total of 6 articles written in July.

Indigenous v1.0 is in the App Store! (Indigenous Development Log #3)

So I achieved my goal of release version 1.0 of Indigenous in the iOS App Store before the end of June!

June Monthly Review

We had a final sonogram, had a BirthPlace tour, I launched my first iOS app and got bronchitis.

My IndieWeb story, Part 1: Jumping in the Deep End

This is part 1 of at least a 4 part series about the IndieWeb and my involvement with it so far. I hope it presents both some technical aspects of the IndieWeb but more so introduces how the IndieWeb experience is personal and is shaped by each individual.

One Website to Rule Them or Separate Areas of Focus

So I’ve been thinking about the difference between one website to rule them all or separate areas of focus while I’ve been working on my slow website redesign of eddiehinkle.com. Part of it is because I saw some really nice “Minimalist” blogs that were so clean and amazing, namely Where the Light Gathers and Manuel Moreale. This led me to record a microcast about my homepage redesign.

Reclaiming your content

As I mentioned in Part 1 of My IndieWeb Story, I’ve been posting my content to my own website for a year and a half. But what about all the content that came out before that? All the social media “silos” still have it. One of the goals I have this year is to reclaim all my social media content.

Fatherhood Log, Week 0

Inspired by James Shelley’s Fatherhood Log, I’d like to chronicle my adventure into Fatherhood.

Thinking through hooks versus event callbacks

I have tried to keep my website’s functionality pretty separate and clean, but there are definitely some areas I want to clean up.



For the month of July, I tracked my mood between 1 and 5 every evening. My average mood for the month of June was 4.21, which is a little higher than normal. There are two factors that can account for that. First, I missed 8 days of mood tracking. Also, my son was born at the end of the month, so that could lead to increased mood ratings. In August I’ve been following the same model but in September, I’d like to start tracking my mood 3 times a day, In the morning, afternoon and before bed.


My average sleep in July was 7 hours and 33 minutes, which is a slight decline from my normal average of 8 hours. My average bedtime is 1:27 AM which is not that different than normal but slightly earlier than my average of 1:45 AM on previous months.

Running Miles

I didn’t do any running this month, but I did sign up for the next Zombies, Run! 5k that is at the end of October, so I should start training soon.


Uh oh, I didn’t take any Multivitamins this month.


I logged a total of 81 items that I drank in July. Of those, 65 were cans of Mt. Dew. I only drank 3 bottles of Water, which is pretty bad and very far from my target.


I logged 142 items that I ate in July compared to 134 items in June. Of those, I ate 10 ham sandwiches, 27 bowls of Doritos, 3 bowls of Ramen Noodles, 4 bowls of popcorn, 9 sides of fries, 9 sides of rice, 6 salads with Olive Garden dressing.


My average weight in July was 145.67 lbs which is a small incremental improvement. June was 144.89 and May was 144.44. I’m in a slow, upward trajectory which is what I am wanting, although I could increase weight a little quicker which means actually sitting down and thinking about what I’m eating and what type of workouts might help build muscle and not just fat.



In total, I watched 89 tv show episodes this month. I watched binged the entirety of Colony season 3, Silicon Valley season 5, Mr. Robot season 3. I watched the series premiere of Burden of Truth. Ashley and I also finished season 3 and 4 of Beverly Hills, 90210 and started season 5.


I streamed a couple of movies I missed in the theaters: Wonder Woman and Justice League. Both movies were pretty good. I went in expecting Justice League to be horrible because of what I had heard, but it ended up being okay. Not as good as the Marvel movies, but it was decent.

I also watched a couple movies that were just on tv while others were watching them in my living room: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Facing the Giants.


I didn’t really do any reading this month.


I listened to 167 podcast episodes this month. Some of my favorites were: The Weekly Review, Core Intuition, and Syntax.

I am excited to have started listening to Automators a podcast about automation that just started in July. I also started listening more to Turning This Car Around and Reconcilable Differences because these shows feature dads that like technology. So it brings two significant topics up for me: parenting and technology.

Also This Day in History Class is a fun daily microcast that presents things that happened each day in history in just a couple of minutes.

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