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  • Decided to try out the new theaters. Verdict: don’t visit again. Starting with multiple technical issues with the movie, to non-customer focused service, I wouldn’t recommend any one visiting at Xtreme Xcape
  • Eddie checked in at AMC Hoffman Center 22
    • Be strong and courageous

      Times of transition can be difficult. I know I've been through several in the last couple of years. I've gotten married and transitioned from being single to being a husband. I've changed jobs from being a full-time programming to being a full-time pastor, and now to being a bi-vocational pastor that's helping to start a church. I've moved from living in Hawai'i to living in Southern Maryland to living in Nothern Maryland. Transitions can be hard on everyone, and as I read the book of Joshua today, I saw the difficulty in the transition for Joshua.
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    • Only faith will put you in right standing with God

      There are a lot of thoughts on righteousness and what it means to be righteous and if you are righteous or not. Every religion, and every division of religion often have different ideas on this. When the Bible talks about righteousness, it doesn't mean "good works" or "holy" or any other term that seems to denote that the person is somehow good. In fact, when the Bible talks about righteousness, the word used actually means "To be put in right relationship with God". Ultimately, being righteous isn't about having anything good about you, it just means the fractured relationship between you and God has been restored. The secret is that this relationship is only restored through faith.
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    • A great message about how to find the balance between where God has you and the plans and dreams that He’s given you. My dad shared it with me and I definitely recommend it.

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    • uSit: how far is too far?

      Well this takes wearable tech to a new level… uSit by Quilted Northern is designed to “Log every sit” (on the toilet), earn daily badges, setting personalized goals and allows you to compete with friends in “Battle Sits”.

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    • Viewing webmentions

      For about a week, I’ve been able to receive webmentions but they haven’t been visible on my site. That is a bad experience for several reasons: The first is that it seems strange for someone to send a webmention and if they visit my site later to see that there’s no reference to the feedback they sent me. Second, it’s not very enjoyable for me to look at my site and then to have to do some behind the scenes stuff to see if anyone has responded to my posts.

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    • Making /watch posts

      For a couple weeks now, I’ve been trying to record what TV shows I watch on my site, by creating what in the IndieWeb we call a watch post. I didn’t have much tooling set up for this, so it consisted of me doing a lot of manual work. I would create a blank post in Jekyll, my blog engine, which is really just a list of attributes and values, in what is called YAML. I would visit IMDB, search for the show (if it was the first time I checked into this show) and grab the ID from the URL. Then I would visit The Movie DB and grab the URL for the show, the cover image for the show and sometimes the episode image for the show. I would add all of this into my blank file and add other information like the season, episode, date, time that I watched it. It…wasn’t very fun.

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    • Receiving Webmentions

      Today I added webmention.io to my website’s header. This will allow me to now receiving webmentions from other sites that support it. I haven’t gone through the task of actually collecting and displaying them, but the first step is making sure that someone can send me a webmention (A comment, like, rsvp or reaction).

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    • On This Day...

      I’ve added the ability to see posts from past years on my website. Now, on a day that has posts from previous years, you’ll see a new blue “flashback card” at the top of my homepage. This post will highlight the post from the past.

    • User Experience and the IndieWeb

      Web browsers have also ceded ground to silos, focusing purely on navigation, tab management, and search, rather than thinking about the bigger picture. The ideal solution to this problem would be a native application for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms that places user experience at the forefront, and provides: Content consumption, Content creation, and Rich interactions

      This is a great, well thought-out post on what is needed for the IndieWeb to get to a place of wider adoption and for these principles to begin to challenge the place of Twitter and Facebook. There is a reason that large numbers of everyday people didn’t use the internet until Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. It was the innovations around the ease of use and the fact that everything was in one place.

      I know that Jonathan’s thoughts echo what has been floating around in the back of my mind and I hope is a challenge to everyone that reads it. The building blocks that have brought the IndieWeb to the place it is have been vital and important. However, that lack of unified experience is what left me not fully engaged for years. I’ve come around to the IndieWeb recently because I believe the building blocks have begun to develop to a point that it is possible to begin thinking about what unified experiences in a “Web 2.0” Open Web world means.

    • The web needs its own App Store

      Imagine visiting a site's landing page, getting a description and some screenshots, and then seeing a button that says "$1.99 for full access". If, as a user, you could click on that button, enter a password, and then immediately have lifelong access to the site – I bet you'd do it. $1.99 is a price lots of people are willing to pay, even if there's a risk involved with trying out the site and then finding out you don't like it.

      I ran across this article from 2009, it was an interesting thought piece. But one thing that sticks out to me is how much the iOS App Store has changed in the years since this was written. Back in 2009, you could sell an app pretty easily for $1.99 but in 2017 it is highly unlikely that anyone will pay $0.99 before being able to download and use your app. Instead of the web becoming more like the App Store, the App Store has actually become more like the web, trying to make an income off of subscription services or ads.

    • The Legacy of St. Patrick: Missionary to His Slave-Masters

      Against considerable opposition from family and friends, Patrick left his newfound comforts and gave his life to the cause of gospel advancement among the Irish, who were known for idol worship. Enduring insults from unbelievers, slander from believers, imprisonment and discomfort, he held to his belief that Ireland needed Christ...After just a few decades, more than a thousand Irish would profess faith, by Patrick’s own reports.

      Wow… we experience St. Patrick’s Day every year, but you would never believe the background behind who this man is and what he did for Ireland.

    • The view from the trenches

      It is so common that we categorize people as good or bad. In history, in our fiction stories and even in our Bibles. In our stories we like to focus on heroes and villains, but to me, some of the most interesting stories involve Antiheroes. An Antihero is “a protagonist who lacks the attributes that make a heroic figure, as nobility of mind and spirit, a life or attitude marked by action or purpose, and the like.” In essence, it is the blending of the hero and the villain.
    • The Power to Make or Break...

      There is a trend I’ve noticed in the church. It’s a trend of pastors. In the world of pastors, it is often common to focus on preaching, public leading of services and finding ways to get new people plugged in to service. The most often I see pastors engaging with the members and attenders of a service is in response to the church member’s serving in the church.
    • The art that was never taught

      Okay, I will admit, this is a strange book to read. This is a strange book for me to read. When I told my wife I was reading this book she looked at me with a facial expression that could probably be summarized as “Why in the world are you reading that?”. But trust me, if you ever feel frustrated that your office or bedroom isn’t ever organized and you’re constantly trying to shift things around to get them out of your way, this is the book for you.

    • The one book that will change your marriage

      There are potentially more books on marriage than there are marriages today. Okay, that is a bit hyperbolic, but the point is that there is no shortage of books on marriage tell you what is wrong and how to fix yours. What thing in common with most of these books is that at the end of the book there isn’t a whole lot different. You might try a little tip here or a little tip there, but ultimately, your marriage is the exact same.

    • Where Liberalism and Conservatism Meet the Bible

      Faith in America is currently at a point of high tension. Whether it’s discussions on if Muslims are being banned or if Christians are trying to reverse political policies that are seen as civil liberties, it currently seems as if faith and politics just can’t mix.