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Eddie Hinkle is a husband to Ashley, father to Luke and UI Engineer that lives in Frederick, MD. Read More

He last drank Mt. Dew and last ate Cheez-It Snack Mix.

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For those that were concerned I would turn into an ice sculpture, I would like to assure everyone that my house’s heat is fixed 😅6:36pm Oct 19, 2018
I am pretty excited about the Apple event at the end of this month. I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen. Talk about cutting it close!1:15pm Oct 18, 2018
One of the best things about all the Apple Watch face brainstorming on twitter lately is that it’s early enough in the update cycle that if Apple wants, they could try to get custom watch faces out in watchOS 6. If these examples were happening in 2019 it would be too late.7:05am Oct 18, 2018
Marty Have you taken amtrak from BWI to NYC? any thoughts? I'm looking to travel up there next week and have never used them. I'm planning on grabbing a train out at like 11:36am on thursday and getting back the next day in the evening. Any thoughts about different class seat sizes or how early to arrive? My plan is to the basic Reserved Coach seats, but I don't want to get there and be surprised if they are super small. If you haven't taken amtrak, nevermind. haha!5:31pm Oct 17, 2018
It's a day late, but I'm excited to release Episode 2 of My Url Is. This week, featuring Rosemary Orchard. We had a super fun conversation about how she learned about the IndieWeb, about attending IndieWebCamps remotely and more!10:25am Oct 17, 2018
cleverdevil, have you ended up setting up a drafts Micropub workflow? I have been wanting to use drafts but I don’t want to lose control of the Micropub settings I’ve got in Indigenous so I think I’m gonna add callback and x-url-callback support to Indigenous, which should then allow for easy Micropub support across the Drafts and Shortcuts apps. I even have an idea about merging Siri Intent Shortcuts (the ones that run in the background) with x-callback-url to add support for essentially background x-url-callback support.12:07am Oct 13, 2018
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