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  • My first npm module

    npm is the node package manager. For JavaScript server programmers (node.js), npm is a vital piece of their programming life cycle. They use npm to declare outside code modules that are required for their application and are able to download and update those modules whenever needed based on the npm system. Every early node.js programmer learns to use npm.

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  • The Christian's Union with Christ

    The idea of the “union with Christ” is used all throughout the New Testament when talking about salvation. In fact, without the ideas behind our union with Christ as believer, we would literally not have salvation. It is both the foundation in which the Christian view of salvation is built on and the key differentiator between Christianity and other world religions.

  • Sin and Culture

    When looking at society today, it becomes obvious that “sin is an all-but-extinct term in the American vocabulary.” The concept of sin today is interrelated to the view of humanity. Within culture in America today, common thought is that humans are ultimately good at heart and if you could remove the negative external influences, you could have a utopian-like society.
  • Learning Adapt, Part One: Introduction to the Adapt Framework

    This is the first part of a series of tutorials on developing plugins for the Adapt Framework. In this part, we are going to take a look at a general overview of the Adapt Framework, how to set it up and how it all comes together.

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  • Ten years of iPhone

    Everyone is talking about the tenth anniversary of the iPhone being released. I had an iBook and an iPod before I ever had an iPhone, but my first iPhone is truly one of the things that cemented Apple as my brand of technology.

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  • Added Micropub Media Endpoint

    Last night I went to the June meet up for the Baltimore Homebrew Website Club. There, we work on our personal websites, talk about what we’ve been working on recently and talk about the latest IndieWeb technologies available.

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  • The Gospel and Marriage

    The gospel radically changes the way that we approach marriage from the way the world approaches it. Through conversations, movies and music we are steeped in a culture that puts marriage rooted in selfishness. For some, the selfishness comes out through looking for "the one" that will make their life change and take away their loneliness. For others, selfishness comes out through waiting until the last possible minute to get married. For them, that means making sure they have made the major milestones in life that are important to them. Often time that includes sleeping around and possibly living with the person for years to make sure the marriage will meet the expectations that you have for the marriage. This rooted in selfish attitude is what leads to so many divorces in our culture and even in the Church. Regardless of what Christians say, the majority of marriages are completely rooted in selfishness. However, when we approach marriage through the lens of the Gospel our entire perspective on marriage changes.
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  • Is the Bible inspired or written?

    What is the purpose of the Bible? This is the question that must be asked before we can deal with the issue if the Bible is truly inspired by God or just thought of by humans. Ultimately, the Bible’s purpose is to reveal who God is and how we can be made right with Him.

  • Rebuilding my site from Slack

    Today, after integrating my site with slack I realized rather than just sending webmentions to slack, I could also create a slash command from my slack to my site. Using all the same securities that I added to the webmention alerts, I was able to rebuild my site several times today at a whim using my Slack account.
  • Getting alerts from my website

    Inspired by Marty's post about receiving alerts from his website in his matrix chat, I got inspired to do the same for my site, only with Slack. I've been working on building Slack automation at my job this week, and I have a Slack group for my family (it's barely ever used). So it was perfect timing to read Marty's post and to sit down and build out a quick Slack integration for my site. Here's what it looks like: