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Eddie Hinkle is a husband to Ashley, father to Luke and UI Engineer that lives in Frederick, MD. Read More

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Added new nickname and micropub cache support
My newwwyear 2019 goals
Adding weather effects
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Excited to have Mastodon integration complete!!7:25pm Nov 20, 2018
Wow, just finished Star Trek: Discovery season 1 today. What a series and a season! Really enjoyed it and can't wait for January when season 2 comes out!1:26pm Nov 20, 2018
Whoa!! Now that's a twist!! 🤯 Just finished Star Trek: Discovery Episode 12!1:35am Nov 20, 2018
How interesting! I watched Star Trek: Enterprise series so I understood more of the world that Star Trek: Discovery takes place in. Little did I realize how useful it would be because in Season 4 of Enterprise they visit the Terran Empire and now Discovery has gone there!11:32pm Nov 19, 2018
Thinking through planning the IndieWebCamp Online event. Right now, it looks like we might be scheduling it for the weekend of March 9 and 10, 2019. Anyone who is thinking about participating have any huge conflicts with that weekend? If so, let me know!7:39pm Nov 19, 2018
I just added the ability to add audience to my posts. For public posts It adds a small description at the top of the post defining who the audience of the post is. For example, I have a reply I wrote for an online class. In the future, it will control who can see a private post.5:36pm Nov 18, 2018
Started a new podcast! My co-host @cleverdevil wrote an intro about the podcast over on his site. Take a read and check out our podcast, We talk about tech, family, faith and more.2:57pm Nov 17, 2018
I just added support for the Micropub Category List query to my website. Looking forward to adding support to Indigenous for iOS in the near future as well. This is the first of many goals completed for #newwwyear 2019.1:15am Nov 16, 2018
I posted my #newwwyear 2019 #indieweb goals, it’s quite ambitious. But if I complete all of them, my bonus goal is getting some movement on tracking my books and reading in my website. Nov 15, 2018
Who is responsible for website security?

Website visitor security is important and I believe the responsibility falls on a couple roles which may or may not be the same person, company or separate people or companies.

A large amount of the responsibility for website security lands on the website programmers both front-end and back-end. There are a number of various attack vectors that hackers and other malicious parties can attempt on a website and it is up to the programmers to understand common errors and to enable robust programming tactics in order to avoid valuable customer information to fall into the wrong hands.

Responsibility also falls on the web server manager. This could be the programmer or a separate person in the same company or even a separate company if web hosting is outsourced. The security of the website itself doesn’t matter if the server that is making the website available to the rest of the web is insecure. For this reason, it’s important for programmers that don’t understand the dynamics of web hosting management should outsource that task rather than trying to handle it themselves.1:16am Nov 15, 2018

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