Software engineer, manager, and podcaster

I’m Eddie, a software engineer and manager based out of Washington D.C. I’m the Engineering Manager of the Design Systems & Front-End Foundations Team at Glassdoor, as well as the host of the WebJoy podcast.

How does this continuous learning thing work?

So here’s the thing, no matter how you learned software development, either in a degree program, through self-reaching, or by using a bootcamp-style program; one big risk is that what you learned yesterday isn’t necessarily going to help you tomorrow.

Creating auto-complete types without restricting values in TypeScript

Our library is in TypeScript and we wanted to provide IDE suggestions for the values of a parameter, but we couldn't actually restrict the value of that parameter. This is because 90% of the time, the value would be a couple of obvious values, however the other 10% of the time, we had no way to predict what the value would be!

The Real World is Messy (Joe / @JoeNatoli)

🎙 WebJoy, Season 1, Episode 17 (Sep 22, 2022)

Joe Natoli joins the show to talk about his origin story, how he started in design before the internet was a thing. How he jumped into designing for the internet early on and ultimately realized real fulfillment comes from helping people learn.

Why learning good documentation skills is so important for leveling up with Eddie Hinkle

🎙 Code Newbie, August 2022

In this episode, we talk about documentation, with Eddie Hinkle, lead front-end engineer at Glassdoor, and host of the WebJoy podcast. Eddie talks about what documentation means in the context of development, why good documentation is so important, and how gaining good documentation skills early on can give you an edge in your career.