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Eddie Hinkle is a husband to Ashley, father to Luke and UI Engineer that lives in Frederick, MD. Read More

He last drank Mt. Dew and last ate Oatmeal and Toast.

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Using Siri Shortcuts to create a system-wide Dark Mode
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cleverdevil, have you ended up setting up a drafts Micropub workflow? I have been wanting to use drafts but I don’t want to lose control of the Micropub settings I’ve got in Indigenous so I think I’m gonna add callback and x-url-callback support to Indigenous, which should then allow for easy Micropub support across the Drafts and Shortcuts apps. I even have an idea about merging Siri Intent Shortcuts (the ones that run in the background) with x-callback-url to add support for essentially background x-url-callback support.12:07am Oct 13, 2018
I love having On This Day built into my website with historical posts. I just re-read a post from 10 years ago about my trip to Europe9:12am Oct 10, 2018
Watching Luke’s first episode of The Flash together. 🤗6:57am Oct 10, 2018
Attempting to figure out a new photo management solution for my family. Going from separate iCloud Photo Libraries to some shared method. First experiment is going to be exported folders in Dropbox. Anyone else have any suggestions about what they do?3:06pm Oct 09, 2018
🖖 when I’m up at odd hours with my son, I’m binging Star Trek Enterprise since it’s the first series in the Star Trek timeline. Working on wrapping it up so I can binge Star Trek Discovery season 1 before season 2 gets going too far through. cc/ @macgenie6:24am Oct 08, 2018
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