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  • Eddie checked in at Sweet Frog with Ash, Mom, and Dad
  • Grabbing some food for dinner with the parents tonight at Black Hog BBQ & Bar
  • Eddie checked in at Giant
  • Eddie checked in at Villages of Urbana Community Pool with Ash
  • 🔖 Eddie saved https://feathericons.com/ for later
  • 🔖 Eddie saved https://www.23andme.com/ for later
  • 🔖 Eddie saved https://molekule.com/ for later
  • Yeah, iphone still doesn’t like the 3.0 upgrade… leave a message, cause there’s no checking my phone anytime soon.

  • Don’t fail me now, little iPhone!! (First error code 10, now error code 6!!!! GAH!!)

  • crosses fingers iphone update with new iTunes???

  • Tried to update iPhone to 3.0 …. didn’t work so well… leave me a message here if you need to get ahold of me.

  • in North Carolina

  • upset that he can’t get to sleep

  • traveling from Maryland to Illinois on a very long road trip…

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