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Eddie Hinkle is husband to Ashley, father to Luke , and UI Engineer who lives in Frederick, MD. Podcast host for both Two Dads Talking and My Url Is.Read More

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‪I need to survive a non-stop ride on the world's fastest train – with one zombie onboard. Join me in this Zombies, Run! 5K/10K Virtual Race!‬11:44am Today
📺 Just finished watching Enemies: The President, Justice and the FBI the last couple of days and WOW! An interesting documentary that analyses various presidencies and their interaction with the FBI and what it means to our current president.1:06am Jan 15, 2019
@macgenie I found another Guinea pig fan in Turning This Car Around 😉12:57am Jan 15, 2019
If you wanna read a really funny story about a lizard, crickets and some cats, check out this article on the Washington Post1:05am Jan 12, 2019
The latest episode of Two Dads Talking is out! It’s the great holiday recap! We’ve got family stories, we’ve got food, movies, video games, Christmas loot, diets and more! Not to mention talking about tracking and recapping our months using our websites.8:39pm Jan 10, 2019
Hahaha! On this day 9 years ago I was on my way back home to Hawai’i from visiting family in Maryland and I was upset about being surrounded by babies. It’s funny how your perspective changes 9 years later when the baby is your own.2:36am Jan 10, 2019
I just backed HyperDrive: World's 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 on @Kickstarter9:41am Jan 08, 2019
For Micro Monday I’d like to recommend @Mtt, he posts interesting posts and photos from fun family adventures. He’s one of those people that don’t take over your timeline but every couple of days pops up to share something interesting.6:55pm Jan 07, 2019
My yearly theme for 2019 (inspired by Cortex) is Clarity. This is the first year I’ve tried to pick out a “Yearly Theme”, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m gonna be recording and posting a new 30 and Counting episode to talk more about this in-depth.9:37am Jan 07, 2019
Thinking through my goals and how I manage tasks in 2019, and I’m reading through The Bullet Journal Method and seeing if Bullet Journals will be my 2019 approach. It’s interesting, but we’ll see if it sticks 🤔11:49pm Jan 01, 2019
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