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Eddie Hinkle is a husband to Ashley, father to Luke and UI Engineer that lives in Frederick, MD. Read More

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When Jekyll rebuilt on my web server, once a day my server would be unavailable for a period of time, from 30 min to multiple hours. Now I have turned off Jekyll because my entire site has been replaced with it’s new dynamic rendering engine my server hasn’t become unavailable once 🙌 such a relief!6:24am Today
I've been watching Star Trek Enterprise for a bit. It's been interesting since I didn't watch Star Trek growing up. I just started season 4 and I'm excited it's the last season. I've enjoyed it, but Star Trek Discovery is up next in the timeline, so I'm ready to move on.10:58pm Nov 07, 2018
Took some fall family photos Luke Ash7:27pm Nov 07, 2018
Make sure you get out and vote today! If you're not sure who to vote for, here is a great quiz that helps match up your values with the people on the ballot!10:45am Nov 06, 2018
If you currently follow my Timeline feed, you are used to receiving my article posts and replies in your reader. I have decided to no longer include article posts or replies in this feed, which means if you want to continue receiving my articles, you'll need to follow my Article feed and if you want to follow my replies you'll need to follow my Replies feed.8:59am Nov 05, 2018
7 years ago today was my last day working at Apple stores. I don’t miss certain parts of the stress and I love spending all of my time programming but there was something amazing about working at Apple Retail.7:09am Nov 05, 2018
Really happy to have my database cache auto-updating bugs fixed so that my posts are now instantly indexed in my website 🙂 Now if I can just switch my TV Show and Movie "watch" posts to use Micropub, because all of this logic is tied to my Micropub endpoint and the way I currently log tv shows and movies circumvents my Micropub endpoint. 🤦‍♂️1:33pm Nov 04, 2018
I know we’re supposed to gain an extra hour tonight, but with a baby I feel like we don’t really gain an extra hour, it just means either Ash or I have to spend an extra hour in the night time awake 🥴1:47pm Nov 03, 2018
Oops! I realized that when I added a new post, the new posts weren't updating my database cache 😁 Hopefully this post updates correctly! 🤞3:21pm Nov 02, 2018
Just flipped the switch and now main feeds on my website are powered by my new database cache and my js server. 🤞 Hopefully nothing breaks! Now every feed page should have a JSONFeed, by adding feed.json even tag pages (ex Apple tag page has a JSONFeed)1:11pm Nov 02, 2018
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