This is a great, well thought-out post on what is needed for the IndieWeb to get to a place of wider adoption and for these principles to begin to challenge the place of Twitter and Facebook. There is a reason that large numbers of everyday people didn’t use the internet until Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. It was the innovations around the ease of use and the fact that everything was in one place.

I know that Jonathan’s thoughts echo what has been floating around in the back of my mind and I hope is a challenge to everyone that reads it. The building blocks that have brought the IndieWeb to the place it is have been vital and important. However, that lack of unified experience is what left me not fully engaged for years. I’ve come around to the IndieWeb recently because I believe the building blocks have begun to develop to a point that it is possible to begin thinking about what unified experiences in a “Web 2.0” Open Web world means.