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Eddie Hinkle is a husband to Ashley, father to Luke and UI Engineer that lives in Frederick, MD. Read More

He last drank Mt. Dew and last ate Doritos.

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Ulysses updates for iOS 12 seem particularly useful. I can imagine this being very handy. I have to say, I've been enjoying the iOS 12 beta this summer but with all the apps updating it's almost making it an all new operating system all over again!3:32pm Sep 17, 2018
Pretty excited to have been getting iOS 12 apps updates throughout the weekend. Some fun new apps showing up on my Apple Watch’s Siri Face tonight!10:32pm Sep 16, 2018
I stayed up to get an Watch4 via several Apple GiveBacks of old devices (2 watches and 1 phone). Turns out you can only do 1 GiveBack with a single purchase (the rest you can send in for store credit), so I’m gonna wait til I can send them in and get credit then get the watch3:28am Sep 14, 2018
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