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June Monthly Review

TL;DR: We had a final sonogram, had a BirthPlace tour, I launched my first iOS app and got bronchitis.


Final Sonogram

We had our final sonogram of Luke. He’s healthy and growing as expected!

Hospital tour

We visited Frederick Memorial Hospital for their “BirthPlace Tour” to know what to expect when it’s time.

I launched Indigenous!

You can check out the marketing website here

I made an iOS 12 Memoji

You can check it out here.

Microcasts Recorded

I recorded 1 episode of 30 and Counting in June. This was because I had bronchitis most of the month after not using a breathing mask while painting.

Episode 10: Unfortunate Mistakes and Indigenous Pre-Order

In this episode, I talk about an unfortunate mistake I made when painting over Memorial Day and why I’ve been silent for the last 3 weeks. I also talk about my first iOS App to be released and the pre-order.

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Articles Written

I didn’t write any articles this month.



For the month of June, I tracked my mood between 1 and 5 every evening. My average mood for the month of June was 3.97, which is very similar to May which was an even 4. It’s interesting how similar the mood is, since in May I forgot to track 4 days of mood. In July I’ve been following the same model but in August, I’d like to start tracking my mood 3 times a day, In the morning, afternoon and before bed.


My average sleep in June was 8 hours and 4 minutes, which is pretty stable with April and May’s averages. I am doing this review so late I’m not able to calculate my average bedtime for June, but as of today (the middle of July), my average bedtime is at 1:45 AM, and in May it was 1:43 AM so I can assume June matches those numbers.

Running Miles

I didn’t do any running this month.


I took 8 multivitamins in the month of June, which was the same as May but not my goal of 15 days of multivitamins.


I logged a total of 68 items that I drank in June. Of those, 57 were cans of Mt. Dew. In consideration of positive drinking, I drank 4 bottles of Water. I drank half the amount of water in June that I did in May. That’s not good. 😞 I’m trying to drink 1 bottle of water a day, so I’m still very far from my target.


I logged 134 items that I ate in June compared to 142 items in May. Of those, I ate 11 ham sandwiches, 14 bowls of Doritos, 4 bowls of Ramen Noodles, 4 bowls of popcorn, 6 sides of fries, 7 sides of rice, and 3 salads with Olive Garden dressing.


My average weight in June was 144.89 lbs which a fractional improvement of about a half a pound from May which was 144.44. I’m in a slow, upward trajectory which is what I am wanting, although I could increase weight a little quicker which means actually sitting down and thinking about what I’m eating and what type of workouts might help build muscle and not just fat.



In total, I watched 79 tv show episodes this month, compared to 123 the month before.

I watched the season premiere of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (a fun superhero show on Freeform), as well as binged Season 2 of Manhattan.

Ashley and I watched the Season 2 premiere of Salvation. We’ve also been randomly binging the old TV show: Beverly Hills, 90210. In June we watched seasons 1-3.

I watched the Supergirl Season 3 finale, the Life Sentence series finale (it was cancelled). I was finally able to finish up Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 5 (I had to wait until after I watched Avengers: Infinity War movie to avoid spoilers). I also watched The Expanse Season 3 finale, and Westworld Season 2 finale. Both of which were great! Looking forward to the next seasons of both of them.

Ashley and I finished up the Hunting Hitler series which was fun and really interesting.


I watched two movies this month: Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. They were both very different and very enjoyable! Ashley and I went and saw Avengers: Infinity War for my 31st birthday.


I didn’t really do any reading this month.


I listened to 96 podcast episodes this month. I’ve been really enjoying the new podcasting app I’ve been using Castro. The queue functionality makes me feel like I’ve had much more control over what podcasts I listen to.

June’s Goal Checkup

Release Indigenous

I successfully launched Indigenous in the iOS App Store! It didn’t have all the features I wanted, but I got it in there. Now I just have to keep working on new features and putting out new versions.

15 days of multivitamins

I did not do well with this. I took 8 multivitamins which is about half of what my goal was.

Drink 1 bottle of water a day

I completely failed at drinking my water. I drank 4 bottles of water rather than 30 bottles of water.

Average Bedtime before 1am

Average bedtime is still not anywhere where I want it, average still just before 2am.

July's Goals

Because I'm over halfway through July, I'm not going to schedule any goals for July.

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