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One Website to Rule Them or Separate Areas of Focus

So I’ve been thinking about the difference between one website to rule them all or separate areas of focus while I’ve been working on my slow website redesign of eddiehinkle.com. Part of it is because I saw some really nice “Minimalist” blogs that were so clean and amazing, namely Where the Light Gathers and Manuel Moreale. This led me to record a microcast about my homepage redesign.

After recording the microcast, I spent on time playing around with some homepage redesigns and came up with one I decided to start trying out and I actually pushed it up to become the new live homepage of my site. I've included some screenshots in case it changes over time:

The focus on the homepage was to introduce me, what I've been doing recently, show some recent articles, microposts (kind of like tweets but hosted on my own website) and social responses.

I was feeling pretty good about my direction, and then I received an email from Manuel, which completely surprised me! Among other things he said something that stuck with me:

My only thought about your current site/idea is to don't add too many things.
People already live in a cluttered world, both digitally and physically and it's refreshing to land on a site where there are just a few things you must look at and you're not distracted by the latest tweet and photo and video and activity so on an so forth.

I think this makes a lot of sense. It also battles against my desire to kind of have a "homebase dashboard" that outlines what I've been up to recently. This has led me to thinking through do I want a single site, EddieHinkle.com that contains everything about me, or do I want some smaller separate sites that host smaller focused segments of my life. Not everyone wants everything about my life, so it makes sense that it could be broken up into smaller segments.

I started in this general direction earlier this year when I created 30andcounting.me which was created because I wanted to host my microcast on Micro.blog and so when doing that, I thought it would be nice to give it it's own domain. However, recently, I felt like I missed being able to reference the microcast from EddieHinkle.com so while the "canonical" copy of my microcast is still hosted on Micro.blog, I have been creating copies on EddieHinkle.com.

So as I was pondering this, I was looking around and noticed that Chad is the author of Where the Light Gathers, and I checked out his personal site. It was an interesting idea to me, his identity url (his name), is a landing page that introduces himself points you into some general directions: About, Now, Social, Blog. It got me thinking I could do something similar.

I could potentially see EddieHinkle.com being a landing page similar to Chad's where it introduces myself simply and provides links to an about page, a now page, a social page, a microcast page and a blog page. I already own the domain Eddie.today which currently just links to EddieHinkle.com so what if I created the following sites:

So that's what I've been thinking through and am interested in your feedback on, either by email, Micro.blog or Webmention. What do you think about the idea of either separate content/identities or having a single location for all the information on a single person? Is the idea I've been thinking about good and taking it in a direction of simplicity? Or did I completely miss the point and just make every messier?

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@cm I was really inspired by your seperation of your website, micro.blog site and blog site seperation. Your approach made its way into my post above, so I thought you might want to give it a read 🙂

@cm I was really inspired by your separation of your website, micro.blog site and blog site seperation. Your approach made its way into my post above, so I thought you might want to give it a read 🙂

@EddieHinkle Thank you for the kind words. I've struggled with the same question, and have gone back and forth with the one site to rule them all vs. separation of concerns a hundred times. Heck, if I wrote as many posts as I have switched platforms, sites, and themes I'd be a much better writer :D

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Please note: This site is in an active redesign. Some things might be a little off 🧐