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Fatherhood Log, Week 0

Inspired by James Shelley’s Fatherhood Log, I’d like to chronicle my adventure into Fatherhood.

I’m calling this Week 0, because every good programmer knows, counting starts from 0. Plus, my wife, Ashley is being induced as I write this, so it can’t be Week 1 because my son hasn’t arrived yet.

While reading James Shelley’s Week 5 Log it struck me how interesting it is that so many people feel the same emotions. In some part, I expect to experience all of those same emotions, but in some other way I feel nervous that I won’t. That somehow Fatherhood is so natural and expected by so many and yet somehow right now, while my child is just a very large belly on my wife, it all seems far away and that that emotions can’t just come so naturally and quickly.

So here I wait with somewhat excited, some what nervous anticipation for the drugs the hospital use to induce labor to build up in my wife’s system so that sometime in the next 24 hours our son will be born. It’s an odd feeling, but one that feels a long time coming after 9 months of pregnancy.

Here’s to your first week, Luke...

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@EddieHinkle It's Fatherhood Log. -(~)24hrs :)

@EddieHinkle Adventure! Am so excited for you!

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