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April 2018 Review

TL;DR Summary

During April I saw the cherry blossoms bloom, started attending a new church, started a microcast, ran a 5k race and set a date for when I’m leaving Facebook. Lots of fun this month!


Cherry Blossoms

Went to the Cherry Blossoms with Ash and her mom. It was a cold day, but the Cherry Blossoms looked pretty.

Indigenous for Android

I’ve been working on an iOS app called Indigenous, and someone else involved in the IndieWeb started working on an Android version which is pretty cool.

Started attending McLean Bible Church

After moving up to Frederick, Ashley and I have been trying to find a church to go to consistently. After attempting several different options over the last year, this month we settled on attending McLean Bible Church. It’s a relatively short commute and the primary teaching responsibilities were recently taken over by David Platt, a pastor that we respect very much. It is about a 30 minute drive so we’re going to attend for the next year (minus the time we’ll be stuck at home due to baby) and re-evaluate if it’s too far from our house next summer.

I started a podcast!

I started a podcast! It’s short for me to produce and for you to listen to, because it’s a microcast. This means every episode is less than 10 minutes. It’s called 30 and Counting, because I started it this year, when I’m 30 year old. There’s more info about this in my new review section lower on this page.

Secret Church 2018

Ashley and I attended a simulcast location of Secret Church 2018 at McLean Bible Church, the Church we’ve been attending. It was a great night, we enjoyed spending several hours studying the Bible and hearing about how we can help and pray for the persecuted church in Malaysia.

I’m officially leaving Facebook, August 1st

In March I said I was leaving Facebook but I hadn’t set a date. Because of Facebook’s API changes that will stop me from posting from my website, I will no longer be posting on Facebook as of August 1st. The best way to keep up with what I’m up to is by signing up for my monthly email

Podcasts Recorded

I started a Podcast called 30 and Counting, it’s a microcast which means on average it’s less than 10 minutes per episode (Often times around 5 minutes). I started it because micro.blog created an easy to use app called Wavelength and added a microcast hosting plan to make things really easy.

I recorded 4 episodes of 30 and Counting in April (I published the first episode April 20th, so there wasn’t that much of the month left).

You can subscribe to the Podcast using some popular Podcast players:

Apple Podcasts


Pocket Casts

Or if you have a different preferred podcast player, you can use the RSS feed

Episode 0: Counting Up

In episode 0 of 30 and Counting, I present an introduction to the idea behind this microcast as well as what happened to my other MIA microcast, Author’s Note.

Episode 1: Warming Up, Running (and Zombies)

On my way to get a drink from Starbucks, I discuss weather woes and excitement for an upcoming virtual 5k run.

Episode 2: Remembering Life

Inspired by a microcast episode by Joel Mearig, I discuss on the differences between how Joel and I track our lives. I also reflect on how my dad and grandmother tracked their lives.

Episode 3: Responding to Failure

In this episode, I talk about a failed dinner meal (darn you, mustard!) and what that can mean for how we respond to unexpected change and failure.

Articles Written

This month I didn’t do much writing. I only wrote two blog posts, one of which was the March review.

March 2018 Review

TL;DR Summary: We found out our soon to be child will be a boy, Luke Timothy! I attended a work retreat, purchased new glasses and took Jasmine to the vet a LOT! Watched 145 episodes of TV shows and published 6 articles.

God’s Use of Encapsulation

(This post was written for an assignment in my CSIS 312 class at Liberty University. I was assigned to write about how the Bible shows examples of the programming concept: Encapsulation)

Encapsulation is a programming concept that refers to the ability to hide information about how a section of code works, instead requiring the person using the code to only have to know what information to provide and what results to expect. “Implementation details can be hidden within the objects themselves. This information hiding, as we’ll see, is crucial to good software engineering” (Deitel & Deitel, 2018, p. 12).



For the month of April, I tracked my mood between 1 and 5 every day. My average mood for the month of April was 3.6. It wasn’t a lot of bad days, there was only 1 day that was a 2 and zero days that were a 1. But most the days were split between 3s and 4s with a couple 5s. I didn’t track this data in March, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.


My average sleep for April was 8 hours and 2 minutes, which is a pretty big improvement from March where I attempted to calculate an average of 7 hours of sleep a night. Although I was missing data, so that could account for some of the discrepancy. My average bedtime is 1:54 AM which is actually later than last month where my average was 1:30 AM. That’s not a good trend! I definitely would like to get to sleep before midnight.

Running Miles

I ran a total of 9.3 miles this month. I did two practice races and I ran a 5k race all using the Zombies, Run app.

Food / Drinks

I track everything I eat and drink. Some of the information is boring, some is interesting. Here’s some random information that I found interesting.

I only took 3 multivitamins in the month of April. Which is horrible. My goal is to take a multivitamin every day, so I am failing that. Hopefully I can do at least 10 days of multivitamins in May.

I logged a total of 80 items that I drank. Of those, 71 were cans of Mt. Dew. In consideration of positive drinking, I drank 1 bottle of Water. I definitely probably need to improve this. Interestingly, I drank 87 items last month so I’m pretty consistent if nothing else.

I logged 132 items that I ate in April compared to 138 in March. Of those, I ate 12 ham sandwiches, 19 bowls of Doritos, 6 bowls of Ramen Noodles, 5 bowls of popcorn, 7 sides of Fries, 7 bowls of White Rice, and 4 salads with Olive Garden dressing. This is all very scarily similar to March.


My average weight in April was 143.56 lbs which is basically the same as March which was 143.44 lbs. My goal is to reach 160 lbs (obviously the goal is for that to be healthy weight, not just a bunch of fat). I have a lot of work to do.



In total, I watched 119 TV Show episodes this month.

Ash and I watched a couple tv season premieres: Roseanne, Splitting Up Together, Alex Inc, Timeless and the 100. Ash and I really haven’t enjoyed Splitting Up Together, it had some potential but we’re just not enjoying the way they are taking it. Timeless and the 100 are two shows we really enjoyed last season and this year isn’t any different, and Roseanne’s return to tv has actually been very enjoyable. We’ve really enjoyed the comedy. As far as finales, Ash and I watched This Is Us end it’s second season. We enjoyed it but not as much as the first season. We’re hoping season three does well though. We were glad to see Grown-ish end. We really just didn’t enjoy it but felt like we wanted to see it through. I don’t know that we’ll watch season two.

I watched a couple season premieres: Krypton, Westworld Seasons 1 and 2 and The Expanse Seasons 2 and 3. I had already watched the entire first season of Westworld, but I wanted to remind myself before season 2 so I re-watched the premiere, a couple of episodes and the finale before watching the season 2 premiere. The Expanse I hadn’t watched any of season 2, so I quickly binged all of season 2 and then caught up on season 3. As far as finales, I watched Beyond’s finale (which might have been the end of the series, I don’t think it’s being renewed), The Magicians and Legends of Tomorrow. Of course, I watched the Westworld Season 1 and The Expanse Season 2 finales as part of my prep for their current seasons.


In total, I watched 7 movies this month.

The big focus on movies this month was the Pitch Perfect trilogy. We never saw Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters so Ash and I bought it on DVD and then watched all three movies back to back. It was really fun, we really enjoy the comedy and music they have in the trilogy. The second movie is actually our favorite.

Ash and I also casually watched Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers when they were playing on cable.

I attempted to start watching all the Marvel movies in order to lead up to Infinity War but ended up only getting through Captain America and The Incredible Hulk.


I continued reading both “Black” by Ted Dekker and “Java: How to Program, Late Objects” by Paul Deitel & Harvey Deitel.

This month I started and finished 3 books:

The Debt Consolidation Myth by You Need A Budget : An interesting overview. I thought there might be more tactics around debt payoff but it was a fun read.

Invest Like A Pro by Jesse Mecham : Great read! Simple and informative. Definitely recommended for anyone that feels unfamiliar or confused about investing.

How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn : Very interesting book. It mirrored a lot of similar thoughts in the indie development scene. Glad I read it!


I’ve been listening to a lot of new podcasts this month, one primary reason is with micro.blog creating the Wavelength app, it’s made it easy for people to create Microcasts. Here are the new Podcasts I’ve been listening to:

Goals for next month

I am wanting to get one or two beta versions out for Indigenous in May because I’m hoping to be able to release version 1.0 to the App Store for the IndieWeb Summit that occurs at the end of June. There is still a lot of work to do, so we’ll see if I can do it.

I am also hoping to make recording the 30 and Counting microcast a regular habit in May.

Finally, health wise I would really like to move my average bedtime to before 1:00 am, however since I’m doing this analysis halfway through May I don’t think that’s promising, so this goal will likely meld into June as well.

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