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March 2018 Review

I have decided to start writing reviews of each month after the fact. I started this one early April and it took ... longer than I thought since I have to write April's review in a day or two. Oops! That said, hopefully you enjoy the review of the month of March. I'm going to continue to refine these over the next couple of months and figure out exactly what I want out of them.

TL;DR Summary

We found out our soon to be child will be a boy, Luke Timothy! I attended a work retreat, purchased new glasses and took Jasmine to the vet a LOT! Watched 145 episodes of TV shows and published 6 articles.


*Gender Reveal. *Ashley had her 20 week ultra-sound. We had the gender put into an envelope and had a gender reveal party at the National Harbor. Turns out we're having a boy! Luke Timothy Hinkle. I posted the Ultrasound, Gender Reveal Video, and Gender Reveal Cupcake.

*Work Retreat. *My company had a 2-day work meeting for the engineers in the company. It was a good time to get the know the company better and understand where we are at and where we want to be moving forward.

*Picked up New Glasses. *After using the same pair of glasses for probably about 5 years, I finally got an updated prescription and an updated pair of frames! They are a bit of a change, but I think I like them 😁

*Began importing Facebook posts. *I decided that I am going to leave Facebook and close my account. I started importing old posts from Facebook. I haven’t finished all of them, but it’s been nice seeing such historical posts on my website. You can read more about it.

*Signed up for Zombies, Run spring race. *I signed up for the Spring 2018 Zombies, Run 5k race called “Tactical Zombie Division”.

*Jasmine’s vet visits. *Jasmine had to go to the vet almost every other day for awhile to get an allergy shot during the “conditioning period” of her new vaccine. During March she went to the vet 11 times until we concluded the every other day schedule. Now she only has to go every 3 weeks.

*Finished class. *I finished my first class of the Spring Semester: CSIS 212. It was an introduction to Java class. April I’ll be starting CSIS 312 which is a continuation of this class.

*Purchased SLR Camera. *After several years of thinking about getting a high quality camera, Ashley and I finally purchased a camera. It’s an Olympus OM-D E-M10. You can read more about it.

Articles Written

This was a month that consisted of a surprisingly large amount of article posts. I posted 6 articles: 3 talking about the IndieWeb and/or my website, 1 based on photos, 1 for school and 1 about my personal life.

-Re-thinking the Homepage

I’ve spent some time recently thinking about what I want out of my homepage. I don’t have a clear answer, yet but I’ve been taking some steps toward it. There are a couple things influencing my current homepage design.

-Cats Are Too Cute...

I decided to experiment with a new app called Sunlit that allows you to post photo stories to your blog. It was an interesting experiment but didn’t really turn out the way I wanted. I probably won’t be using it until something comes up where I would want to use it to get the output it generates.

-A Citizen of the IndieWeb

I wrote a post essentially replying to a blog post written by Aaron Davis. He was speculating about what it means to be a citizen of the IndieWeb, so there was a challenge on the IndieWeb Slack to write blog posts based on how we see that term defined.

-Leaving Facebook ... soon

Based on my building disrespect for Facebook and some recent policy and security issues, I decided to begin my journey to leaving Facebook.

-Our Internet Face: The Highlight and Shadow Reels of our Lives

The problem with social media and our online presence is that it portrays a side of us that doesn’t show the truth of who we are. Instead, it shows the highlight reel of our lives while others are in the midst of shadows in the valleys of their own lives. I spend a little time thinking through this and what it means for my life and others lives.

-Object Oriented Creation

For my CSIS 312 (Computer Class) at Liberty University, I had to write a post comparing the creation account in Genesis 1 to Object Oriented development.



I don’t have as much sleep data for March as I’d like but it seems like I averaged about 7 hours of sleep a night, which isn’t horrible but definitely keeps me a bit more tired than I’d like. My average bedtime is around 1:30 AM, which is DEFINITELY not what I want.

Running Miles

I haven’t been active due to how cold it’s been. I did go out for one run and two walks this month. Hopefully April will be better for that.

Food / Drinks

I track everything I eat and drink. Some of the information is boring, some is interesting. Here’s some random information that I found interesting.

I logged a total of 82 items that I drank. Of those, 59 were cans of Mt. Dew but only 6 cans of Dr. Pepper. In consideration of positive drinking, I drank 9 bottles of Water.

I logged 138 items that I ate this morning. Of those, I ate 9 ham sandwiches, 16 bowls of Doritos, 7 bowls of Ramen Noodles, 3 bowls of Popcorn, 8 sides of Fries, 7 bowls of White Rice, and 6 Salads with Olive Garden dressing.



I watched 145 episodes of TV. 81 of them were episodes of Season 6-9 of One Tree Hill that I watched with Ashley. That included the series finale of One Tree Hill. Two of them were new series premieres: The Crossing and Alex, Inc. One of them was a finale, the 9JKL Season 1 Finale that I watched with Ashley.


I watched 1 movie, the new Power Rangers released last year.


I'm still reading "Black: The Birth of Evil" by Ted Dekker. I read 76 pages this month. I also started reading two other books this month.

I started reading "Husband in Pursuit: 31 Daily Challenges for Loving Your Wife Well" by Ryan Frederick. It is designed to be read every day but they have challenges for every chapter so I've been going through it a little slower.

I also started "Calm Technology: Principles and Patterns for Non-Intrusive Design" by Amber Case.


I listened to 105 podcasts.

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