Eddie Hinkle

Our Internet Face: The Highlight and Shadow Reels of our Lives

The problem with social media and our online presence is that it portrays a side of us that doesn’t show the truth of who we are. Instead, it shows the highlight reel of our lives while others are in the midst of shadows in the valleys of their own lives.

I hope for this article to drop the waterline on my life, knowing that people who follow my posts will likely see wonderful baby photos within the next 6 months. And for some of those people they will be reminded of the children they can’t have, the children that they have lost or the children with whom they no longer have a relationship.

This spring is an important time for [Ashley] and I because while in Spring 2018 we have been able to find out in July that we will have a son, in Spring 2017 we eagerly anticipated finding out the gender to our first child, only to find out that we will never know the gender of our first child in this life, as Ashley experienced a miscarriage during the second month of our pregnancy.

Here is the difference between the highlights and the shadows. The highlights we instantly take a photo and post to the web within minutes or hours. The shadows take months or years, if ever, to see the light of day. In a moment of shadows, you hold back your thoughts, or you try to make everything look normal.

Just know as you are on social media or reading other people’s posts on websites, you are reading their highlight reel. Even if you are in a shadow, they have had their own fair share of shadows, and their life is not perfect, despite the highlight reel that you might be seeing today.

So as you see posts about my soon to be son, Luke, know that these happy posts aren’t out of nowhere, they are steeped in the ups and downs of life. You too, will experience ups and downs in life, know that if you are in a highlight, a shadow can happen at anytime. And if you are in a shadow, it gets better.

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