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Leaving Facebook ... soon

Facebook has continued to fall further and further off the road that I consider a good, positive web platform. I am going to be cancelling my Facebook account in the next several months (I want to ensure I've downloaded all of my information/photos/etc before I actually delete it).

There are two major issues around me deleting Facebook. Mainly: How will I see all of YOUR wonderful life updates, and Secondly: How can you continue to see my life updates?

How will I see all of YOUR wonderful life updates? The platform I most recommend for social communication is https://micro.blog I recommend signing up. If you have a website with an RSS feed, it's free. If you don't, you can pay just $5/month for them to host your posts, however ensure your information remains yours, rather than theirs. No ads, no stalking, etc.

I will also continue to follow people on Twitter. While there are many issues I have with Twitter, it remains a very open platform that I am able to view and use how and when I want.

Right now, I would suggest using one of those two platforms and letting me know you are on it. I am EddieHinkle on both platforms.

How can you continue to see my life updates? The primary way I communicate updates about my life is by posting on my website, https://eddiehinkle.com but obviously that isn't the most convenient for you to visit. So there are a couple ways you can get updates that originate on my website:

Again, this isn't happening tomorrow, but it is happening over the course of the next couple of months, so feel free to provide questions and/or feedback. I would love to continue to be involved in each of your lives, but Facebook will no longer be the conduit of that relationship :)

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I agree and looking at alternatives to maintain connections with family.
I like the way you have explained our current sitution. I do not have the espertise at this point but will be doing the same thing when I do. Looking forward to baby Luke. Love the name.
Thanks for the reminder!
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