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Re-thinking the Homepage

I've spent some time recently thinking about what I want out of my homepage. I don't have a clear answer, yet but I've been taking some steps toward it. There are a couple things influencing my current homepage design.

First, inspired by Jonathan LaCour, I've been importing old Facebook posts into my website with the eventual goal of having ALL canonical historical posts hosted on this site. I have currently imported most Facebook posts from 2007-Mid 2011 into my site.

Second, ever since I saw it, I've always be intrigued by Colin Walker's Homepage in how it always presents the posts made Today (and if not it informs you and does some default behavior).

Up until today, my homepage showed the latest 20 "featured" posts and when a historical post was found on the current day in a previous year, that would be displayed front and center in a blue box and it was called "On This Day".

A month or two ago, I added what I call the "Media Ticker", which is a horizontal stream of the latest 15 media posts. So when I track that I've watched a show, movie or listened to a podcast, that shows up in my Media Ticker.

This past week, wanting to get more space for my photo posts, I added a Photo Ticker just beneath the Media Ticker.

This brings us to today's change.

With the Facebook imports, I knew I would have lots of days where there were lots of historical posts for the current day. The former way of just putting my "On This Day" post front and center in a blue box worked well when there was only one post (if even that) a day. So that needed to be re-thought.

My new homepage layout works like this:

The top of the page contains the Media Ticker and the Photo Ticker just like before. This allows these items to not take up too much room but for those curious allows for some horizontal scrolling and when you reach the end contains a link to view all posts of that type (media or photos).

Next, is "Today's Posts", which will show all the posts that have happened today (minus media posts) in reverse chronological order (like Colin Walker) so you read my day from start to finish as you scroll down the page. If no posts have happened yet, this section will just let you know "No posts have happened yet today." In that case, my hope is that the posts in the next two sections will be of interest to visitors.

The "On This Day" section has lost the blue background and it's name has changed to "This day on previous years...". The posts don't look any different than Today's posts, however they display posts from newest to oldest, so as you scroll down that section, you are going further and further back in time.

Finally, the third section is the 5 latest "Featured" posts that used to make up the majority of my homepage. These are primarily articles, but occasionally things like Events or other significant posts.

This is definitely not the end of my site revisions, it's really just the start. But it allows me to use this for awhile and see what I like and don't like.

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@EddieHinkle Looking good Eddie ๐Ÿ‘ glad you're getting it how you want it, and thanks for the mention.

I really like the look of this Eddie. I have always looked on at Chris Aldrichโ€™s site and felt that it was a little bit beyond what I was after. However, you provide a different approach and show how it may not need to be so complicated. I do however like Aldrichโ€™s breakdown of the different Post Kinds as a sort of menu.
Please note: This site is in an active redesign. Some things might be a little off ๐Ÿง