Eddie Hinkle


On This Day...

I've added the ability to see posts from past years on my website. Now, on a day that has posts from previous years, you'll see a new blue "flashback card" at the top of my homepage. This post will highlight the post from the past.

![Screenshot of This Day in Years Past]({{ site.url }}/images/post-images/this-day-in-years.png)

Eventually I'd like to flesh it out a bit by listing "how many years ago" the post was. Also, if there is more than one post on the same day, it just creates multiple flashback cards. I'm not sure how I want to handle multiple posts on the same day in the future. It's worth more thought and investigation, but I'm excited about how it works currently!

Please note: This site is in an active redesign. Some things might be a little off 🧐