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In March I said I was leaving Facebook but I hadn’t set a date. Because of Facebook’s API changes that will stop me from posting from my website, I will no longer be posting on Facebook as of August 1st #deleteFacebook #indieweb
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@EddieHinkle What API change is this? Presumably it’ll also affect Micro.blog crossposting, and hence @manton’s bottom line.

@EddieHinkle That is a great post. I am going to copy from it liberally! I really like your idea of having an email list for people who want to hear what you are doing.

@macgenie it’s the way forward. I mail out a link to the thelast7.com each week now. And no longer post on Fb, Twitter or instagram. I can’t do the awesome granular level of @EddieHinkel but I have emoji to help. 😊

@devilgate it’s the new rules that lock down the platform. Officially the most locked down silo in and out now. developers.facebook.com/blog/post...

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