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August 2018 Monthly Review

TL;DR: Luke turned one month old, purchased a new car, joined a book street team and built a new resume site.


Purchased a Chevy Equinox

We found and purchased a Chevy Equinox for our growing family, but it won’t arrive at our dealer until early in September. I’ll have some photos in the next monthly review.

Luke turned one month old

Look turned one month old and we took a small photo shoot.

Got accepted onto the Rise of the Mystics Street Team

Ted Dekker, my favorite author, is releasing a new book in October and I got accepted on as part of the street team. I’m super excited and I got an early release version of the new book!

Built a new Resume site

I built a new resume site that is integrated with my standard website here, rather than having a separate website like I used to.

Enjoyed grilling

Enjoyed the summer by grilling, especially some steaks!

Podcasts Recorded

Due to the birth of my son, I did not have as much time as normal to do podcasts. I recorded and published 1 episode of 30 and Counting. I also recorded the first episode of a new podcast that I have yet to announce. Hopefully that will be announced and published in September.

Episode 15: The Hardest Experience Ever

In this episode, I talk about the hardest experience I’ve had and what it means for us as humans.

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Articles Written

I wrote 3 articles in August.

Thinking through hooks versus event callbacks

I have tried to keep my website's functionality pretty separate and clean, but there are definitely some areas I want to clean up. First is my "routing" modules that create and respond to the individual url calls. Second is my Micropub handling code.

July Monthly Review

My first child was born, Luke Timothy Hinkle! Ash and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary, I started writing two blog series, bought a HomePod and was a guest on a Podcast!

How I send webmentions to Micro.blog

If you use Micro.blog completely from the native apps, everything works smoothly. If you communicate via the IndieWeb through webmentions, everything (mostly) works smoothly. But there is a big hiccup that is still being worked out when you communicate via Webmentions to Micro.blog. The current functionality is described here, however it's not exhaustive and it doesn't work 100% of the time.



For the month of August, I tracked my mood between 1 and 5 every evening. My average mood for the month of June was 3.5, which is a bit lower than normal. There are two factors that can account for that. First, I missed 11 days of mood tracking which if they were 4 or 5 days probably would have greatly adjusted my mood. Also, with a newborn baby this month, my wife and I haven’t been sleeping well. Lack of sleep could have had a negative effect on my mood. In September, I’d like to start tracking my mood 3 times a day, In the morning, afternoon and before bed.


My average sleep in August was 8 hours and 25 minutes, which is interestingly increased from my normal average of 8 hours a night. Not sure if this is accurate or if this is a glitch from the fact that I haven’t been wearing my Apple Watch as often. My average bedtime is 1:30 AM which is not that different than normal.

Running Miles

I didn’t do any running this month.


Uh oh, I didn’t take any Multivitamins this month.


I logged a total of 79 items that I drank in August. Of those, 69 were cans of Mt. Dew. I only drank 1 bottle of water, which is pretty bad and very far from my target. Besides that I drank Dr. Pepper, a Mocha Frappuccino and a Lemonberry Slush.


I logged 135 items that I ate in August. Some of the items I ate were: Doritos, Ham Sandwich, Cavatappi and Meatballs, Olive Garden House Salad, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Drumsticks Ice Cream Cones and lots of Chicken Alfredo!


My average weight in August was 144.01 which is a decrease from July which was 145.67 lbs. Probably nothing to note unless I lose weight again next month.



In total, I watched 165 tv show episodes this month. I started watching season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet and 13 Reasons Why. Ashley and I binged Beverly Hills, 90210 seasons 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and started season 10. We also started season 8 of Suits. I watched season finales for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, SEAL Team, Quantico, Designated Survivor, 9-1-1, The Good Doctor and Altered Carbon.


I watched a couple movies that were just playing on the tv: Footloose, The Pacifier and The Pregnancy Pact.


I am working on finishing the 49th Mystic so that I can start the sequel: Rise of the Mystics.


I listened to 120 podcast episodes this month. I’m working on setting up so that my website can show me which shows I enjoyed the most.

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