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May 2018 Review

TL;DR: Kicked off the summer with a couple baseball games, prepared for Luke by painting his nursery. Started working on my productivity tools and only met 1 of my goals in May.


First game of the season

Ashley and I attended two Frederick Keys baseball games. We always enjoy sitting outdoors, experiencing the warm weather, drinking some soda and eating some fries while watching a fun game. Ash wore a fun shirt to the second game where the Keys won an amazing game.

Painted Luke’s Nursery

I spent Memorial Day weekend painting Luke’s nursery from the brown color it was when we moved in to a gray/blue color. It was exhausting but fun!

Got and started reading the 49th Mystic

I am super excited! After several years of waiting, my favorite author Ted Dekker published a new novel, the 49th Mystic. I started reading it this month, and it’s been great!

Started using my Full Focus Planner

I got a Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt and started using it to track my daily goals and tasks. I even recorded a microcast about it.

Started working on “My life in Weeks”

I started working on a project called my life in weeks, inspired by this article that talks about how many weeks we live.

Finished spring classes!

Yay!! Spring 2018 classes complete ✅ No more classes until this fall (after Luke is born)

Attempted to attend a hot air balloon festivaluntil it was cancelled.

We went to attend the Preakness balloon festival and just as we got all set up and started eating dinner in our seats, we found out the balloons were cancelled. That was disappointing.

Microcasts Recorded

I recorded 6 episodes of 30 and Counting in May.

Episode 4: Motivation and a 5k

In this episode, I talk about the 5k Zombies, Run race I just finished. Some thoughts on running motivation and my hopes for future races.

Episode 5: Leaving Facebook..and replying over email?

In this episode, I talk about my plans to leave Facebook and how I plan to in some ways replace it with a monthly newsletter. Then I brainstorm about how to receive replies and reactions from it.

Episode 6: Preventing distraction

In this episode, I talk about my recent attempts at using a pocket notebook to help provide clarity and focus throughout my day.

Episode 7: Reminiscence

In this episode, I talk about a new book that I just got and how reading or watching things that bring back memories create interesting positive emotions.

Episode 8: Full Focus Planner

In this episode, I talk about using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt and the benefits that it’s been providing me and my family.

Episode 9: Painting Adventure

In this episode, I talk about my memorial day activity and an important health lesson I learned.

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Articles Written

This month I wrote 3 articles. Two articles were the beginning of my Indigenous Development log series, and the 3rd article was the April review done in mid may.

Indigenous Development Log #1

I was inspired by reading Chris Hannah’s Slate Development Log that I should track the progress on my own iOS app, Indigenous.

Indigenous Development Log #2

I’m working on kicking out Indigenous version 0.3, which has been sitting on the shelf for a bit. I think the last build I sent out was March 15, which means it’s been almost 2 months. Thankfully I just finished up my Spring online classes and don’t have any more classes until this fall.

April 2018 Review

During April I saw the cherry blossoms bloom, started attending a new church, started a microcast, ran a 5k race and set a date for when I’m leaving Facebook. Lots of fun this month!


I am not sure how I want to start tracking this, but one thing I do know is that I have made some good progress this month on some household projects I had been procrastinating on. I think a lot of it has come from some more focus



For the month of May, I tracked my mood between 1 and 5 every day. My average mood for the month of May was 4, which is pretty good! I had mostly 4 days, with a couple of 5 days, 1 3 day and 1 2 day. I also forgot to track my mood on 4 days. This is a nice improvement from April which had an average mood of 3.6. So far one nice thing that is consistent is both months I’ve had no days that got a 1 and only 1 day that got a 2. In may more days got 4s than 3s which is what improved my average. Not entirely sure what caused the increased moods this month.


My average sleep in May was 7 hours and 45 minutes which is pretty stable around April’s average of 8 hours. My average bedtime is 1:43 AM which is barely any better than last month where my average was 1:54 AM.

Running Miles

I didn’t do any running this month.


I took 8 multivitamins in the month of May, which was better than 3 during the month of April but not my goal of 10 days of multivitamins.


I logged a total of 83 items that I drank in May. Of those, 67 were cans of Mt. Dew. In consideration of positive drinking, I drank 8 bottles of Water. This is an improvement from last month where I drank 71 cans of Mt. Dew and 1 bottle of water. I’m trying to drink 1-2 bottles of water a day, so I’m still very far from my target.


I logged 142 items that I ate in May compared to 132 in April. Of those, I ate 14 ham sandwiches, 20 bowls of Doritos, 12 bowls of Ramen Noodles, 3 bowls of popcorn, 9 sides of fries, 7 sides of rice, and 5 salads with Olive Garden dressing. These numbers are still very similar to March and April. The good news is I’m consistent. If I can think through some healthier foods to eat, it should be easy to be consistent at eating healthy :)


My average in May was 144.44 lbs which is a slight improvement of about 1 lb from April which was 143.56. I definitely need to improve this, which means actually sitting down and thinking about what I’m eating and what type of workouts might help build muscle and not just fat.



In total, I watched 123 tv show episodes this month compared to 119 tv show episodes last month. Interestingly, seems like I stay pretty consistent with my tv show watching.

Not many tv show premieres this month, which makes sense because it’s May, which is really when tv shows end, not begin. An exception to this is Quantico Season 3 and Life Sentence Season 1 which I hadn’t started watching yet this year, so I started to catch up to these shows and watched both the premieres. I also started binging Manhattan, which is a show from a couple years ago.

Ashley and I started watching a tv show called Hunting Hitler. She has watched more episodes than I have, but I watched several episodes in Season 2 and we started Season 3 at the end of this month. This has been a REALLY interesting series, and I totally recommend it.

This is the month of finales. In fact, I’ve watched 20 finales this month. These were: LA to Vegas, Superstore, A.P. Bio, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Riverdale, Arrow, The Flash, Alex Inc, and Krypton.

The following finales were watched by both Ash and I: Bull, The Resident, American Housewife, Modern Family, Scorpion, Black-ish, Roseanne, Timeless, and Hunting Hitler Season 1 and Season 2.

The biggest upset was actually Scorpion being cancelled unexpectedly. It was a pretty crazy ending, but it worked.


I watched two movies this month: Conspiracy about a secret Nazi meeting near the end of World War II and Thor: Ragnarok.


I didn’t finish reading any books, but I did start reading The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker. The newest novel by my favorite author.


I listened to 149 podcast episodes this month. It was nice because I got to catch up on a lot of podcasts I hadn’t listened to while I was painting the nursery. I also switched from using the podcast app Overcast to using one called Castro. I’ve been enjoying it because it has a “queue” functionality that allows me to choose which episodes of a podcast I want to queue and which ones I want to ignore.

May’s Goal Checkup

Indigenous update

I did not get any updates out for Indigenous this month. I’ve run into some issues with the Core Data so I’ve been trying to work through that. Hopefully I can get that wrapped up so I can get back on track and get version 1.0 out in time for IndieWeb Summit at the end of June.

30 and Counting Regular Recording

I think I was successful in making recording the 30 and Counting microcast a regular habit. For now, that means recording at a minimum once a week. Over time I hope this increases but it’s a good low pressure start. This month I published 6 episodes which I think it great!

Average Bedtime before 1am

I did manage to shift it back by about 10 minutes, but not as far as I wanted. Here’s to next month! 🤞

10 Days of Multivitamins

I did not make my goal of taking multivitamins at least 10 days out of the month. I need to get in a much better routine with this. I almost made it with 8 days out of the month.

Goals for June

Release Indigenous

By the end of this month, I want to have Indigenous v1.0 in the iOS App Store.

15 days of multivitamins

I want to get into a habit of taking multivitamins. My goal for the month of June is to take a multivitamin at least every other day.

Drink 1 bottle of water a day

I am trying to drink healthier so my goal is to drink on average 1 bottle of water a day throughout June.

Average Bedtime before 1am

My average bedtime for the last 3 months has been 1:30-2:00 AM so in June I would like to get my average bedtime back to 1:00 AM or earlier on my way towards eventually getting to sleep on average before midnight.

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