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Fall 2017 Premieres: Me, Myself and I on CBS

Me, Myself and I is a new 30 minute comedy on CBS. I’ll be honest, I went into this watching it almost for the sole purpose of writing about it. I watched the previews and thought it seemed like one of dumbest shows in I’d seen in awhile. Turns out I was wrong.

Comedies can be very subjective, and I did not expect much from this show. The entire show is based around the concept that you see the character Alex in his past (at 14), in his present (at 40), and in his future (at 65). I thought it seemed like an odd concept and as I watched the first half of the episode I felt convinced that my original assertion was correct. Young Alex finds himself dragged into a step-family situation with a new bother, while Modern Day Alex finds himself walking in on his wife cheating on him. I’m not sure why it seems like men walking in on their wives cheating is the new go to scene. However, the small amount of solace was in watching Older Alex think through life after a near-death experience. He is the saving grace of the show, and while I doubted this show for almost the entire first episode, the final minutes brought the entire thing full circle seeming more like a drama than a comedy and almost brought me to tears as unexpected relationships took directions that I never expected.

So take this as my apology for discounting this show out of the gate and I’m gonna have Ashley watch the premiere with me so she can decide if it’s gonna be added to our list of shows that we watch together (which is a rare position indeed). Regardless of what Ashley decides she feels about it, I know that Me, Myself and I has won a spot on the list of shows I’ll be following this new tv season.

Maybe you should give it a shot and think about adding it to your list?

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