Eddie Hinkle

Fall 2017 Premieres: The Orville on FOX

The Orville is a new dramedy (an hour long show with a mix of drama and comedy elements) on FOX. There seems to be a focus on parodies of other stories over at FOX right now. While Ghosted reminded me of a parody of Ghostbusters, The Orville is most certainly a parody of Star Trek. From the music, to the outfits and even the cinematic elements.

The show isn't really sure what it is. It is trying to be funny but also deal with serious topics. It starts off with a husband coming home to find his wife is having an affair with an alien. Fast forward one year, and he gets his own spaceship to pilot and of course his ex-wife gets assigned as his 1st officer. While far fetched, by the end of the episode they tied things up enough to make it intriguing enough to continue.

While not as bad Ghosted (which I am not even going to try to continue watching), The Orville has it's own downfalls of weird characters and off-putting storylines. The Orville is most definitely not a "must see show" and will not be something that I follow heavily. That said, with the fall season tv shows starting off slowly, I've continued to watch the first 3 episodes out of curiosity. I'm not going to cross The Orville off my list, but it's definitely near the bottom of it.

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