Eddie Hinkle

Fall 2017 Premieres: Ghosted on FOX

Ghosted is a new half-hour comedy on FOX. I don't know if it's just me or if comedies nowadays just aren't that funny. With the music and special effects this show reminds me of a parody of Ghostbusters. While the story line makes almost no sense I think the worst part of the show is that the two main characters are literally obnoxious. I can handle a lot of things in the shows I watch but one of the primary requirements is I need to care about the characters. They can have all sorts of flaws but stupid obnoxious main characters does not draw me to watch it.

They kidnap the two main characters before we have any chance to care about them, for the rest of the premiere we just watch these two main characters run around the town yelling at each other, screaming and running for the lives. These two characters are completely incompetent.

I think I'm gonna have to cut this show from the list. Sorry FOX, I'm just not feeling Ghosted.

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