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Fall 2017 Premieres: Young Sheldon on CBS

Young Sheldon is a spin-off show based on a main character from The Big-Bang Theory. It’s a cute, quirky show about a little boy that is too smart for his own good. I’m coming in to the show having never watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory and really just having a general cultural knowledge about the story and the characters.

The premise being that Sheldon, a young genius, is beginning his first day at High School in 1989 after skipping 4 grades. His eccentric traits cause his life both at home and at school to be difficult and challenging. The actor plays the boy well and his family members seem to lay off of him very well. The character appears to display some vague autistic, ocpd, and ocd behaviors. Interestingly enough the show’s creator claims this was not intentional. Typically I’m not a fan of how tv shows portray these, however in episode one it seems pretty natural and not overly done. This could change as the show continues.

It’s a funny show, but it doesn’t seem to have that indistinguishable quality for me that makes you just want to watch a show. It’s an interesting premise and I can see how for anyone who is a fan of The Big Bang Theory that this show would be an amazing add-on to the story. But as someone who hasn’t been extremely interested in the original show, this spin-off just isn’t really doing it for me.

It is vaguely interesting and at some point when I run out of shows, maybe when I resubscribe to CBS All Access near the end of the season to watch the rest of Star Trek: Discovery I would utilize my monthly payment to catch up on this show as well. But this show is going to go on my interesting, but not enough to follow it list.

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