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Fall 2017 Premieres: Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access

I grew up watching Star Wars but have never been a fan of Star Trek. I have some vague memories of a couple of Star Trek movies when I was young, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them. The first Star Trek film or show that I watched and enjoyed was the remake by J.J. Abrams’, but I haven’t followed it’s recent sequels.

Star Trek: Discovery is a show on CBS All Access, it’s CBS’ attempt to compete with Netflix and Hulu by having their own streaming service that includes their historical content as well as some original streaming content. The downfall means you have to subscribe to CBS All Access in order to watch Star Trek: Discovery.

For not being a huge Star Trek fan, they did a good job of making the story interesting. It seems to be in the future of the past Star Trek stories because they make some references like the traditional “beaming” technology was old fashioned and “used too much energy”. It is also established that Klingon’s haven’t been seen in over 100 years.

The first two episodes seem to work together to establish the storyline and the creation of a new war between the Federation and the Klingons. From the previews it appears that episode 3 will be a short time jump to the main storyline. I think it was interesting but it’s hard to know how to feel about the show since the first several episodes take place on a ship that isn’t even the show namesake Discovery. It seems like an interesting story but doesn’t seem worth the CBS All Access monthly cost. If you were paying for CBS All Access anyway, it seems to be an interesting concept and seems to be taking Star Trek into new directions. But if you aren’t subscribed to CBS All Access, this show is probably better left on its own and hopefully CBS won’t keep moving more shows to being locked behind a paywall.

I will probably follow suite with what Manton Reece is likely to do and that is subscribe to All Access for a month or two near the end of the season in order to catch up on the missed episodes.

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