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Hard Reset for Autonomous SmartDesk 2

TL;DR: If your Autonomous SmartDesk 2 won't lower all the way, it needs a Hard Reset, and the instructions are at the end of this article to reset it.

Every day when I end my workday, it have my Autonomous SmartDesk 2 raise to the lowest level that will allow my chair to be pushed under it completely to save on floor space when I'm not working. This typically isn't a big deal, but yesterday my power went out and my desk decided at it's half-elevated height, it was at the bottom of the desk. In order to optimize it's operation, it keeps digital track of when it's at the lowest height, which means if it gets reset while it's elevated, it gets confused. So while I was googling, solutions I came across the GitHub gist of a support email provided to another customer when they had a similar issue.

Because I don't want to have to depend on the gist existing in the future if I ever need it, I've decided to copy the instructions here as they worked flawlessly! If you stumble upon this, I hope they help you as well!

Reset Steps

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