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Summer 2019 Premieres: The 100 Season 6 on CW

Well, this was a turn around! Ashley and I quit watching last year (Season 5) of The 100 halfway through. When our son was born we didn't have as much free time for watching tv and we weren't enjoying the direction that Season 5 was taking. It felt like they had removed everything that we had enjoyed from each character and the storyline itself was pointless. Nothing interesting or intriguing. With many of our shows having their Spring Finales, our tv schedule freed up and we decided to finish up Season 5. After pulling off that bandaid, we were pleasantly surprised with the final minutes of Season 5. Everyone is put into medical comas and when they wake up they are informed that the Earth is no longer inhabitable and that it's been over 200 years and their spaceship has reached a new planet that had been under investigation as a replacement for earth.

Thus starts Season 6. The characters we know and love (granted, with some baggage from the last season) return as they descend to this new planet, very similarly to the original first season. A fresh canvas where they are able to mix the intrigue of new cultures and people that we know nothing about with some of the historical lore that they have established over the course of the last 5 seasons. It makes the show feel fresh, and Ashley and I quickly binged the first couple of episodes and caught up to all the shows within a day or two. We are eagerly awaiting the next episodes and are very excited about the direction that The 100 has taken.

I almost wonder if sometime during Season 5 they had a change of writing staff. It reminds me a lot of season 7 of Arrow, which after having a rough patch felt like a flashback to the original season of Arrow after switching the show runner and an overhaul of the writing staff. Either way, whomever decided the make the changes to The 100, they've breathed a breath of fresh air! We are looking forward to seeing how Season 6 of The 100 turns out!

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