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Remark Development Log: Starting with the Kit

This is the first post about Remark, my upcoming Social Reader that is replacing my previous app, Indigenous. In my last log about Indigenous I talked about taking the lessons I’ve learned during Indigenous and structuring Remark better from the ground up.

First things first, I have multiple apps I’m planning on building on iOS (Remark, Chronicler, and Anthologist), not to mention the Indiepaper for iOS app that I built but that needs native IndieAuth before Apple will approve it for distribution in the App Store. Needless to say, neither I (nor anyone else) should have to keep building the IndieWeb building blocks in Swift over and over again. So the first thing I’m doing is taking code for client implementations of IndieAuth, Micropub and Microsub, and putting it into a generic Swift framework that can be included in any Swift application. Apple so often calls it’s frameworks with a “Kit” suffix, so I chose to call this IndieWebKit, for obvious reasons.

Lately, I've had a renewed focus and appreciation for testing. So I bought a new book, Test-Driven iOS Development with Swift. I'm currently reading through that book and looking through the IndieAuth, Micropub and Microsub specs and building tests for the proper functioning of the framework.

My hope is that by making this IndieWebKit a test-driven framework with all the IndieWeb building blocks for client apps, it will be much easier, reliable and frequent that we will see Swift apps built using IndieWeb building blocks.

As I'm working on this core foundation, not just of Remark, but of all of my IndieWeb compatible apps, I'm continuing to think through the features and User Experience of Remark. But more on that in a future post!

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