Eddie Hinkle

Switching from Castro back to Overcast

As mentioned on the recent episode of Two Dads Talking, I found myself really enjoying Castro, but wanting to shift back to Overcast. I finally figured out a workflow that works for me on Overcast! I have three playlists: Queue (manual), Priority (Smart), All (Smart).

Queue is a manual playlist that I can add podcast episodes to and I always listen to episodes from the queue.

Priority is a smart playlist that lists episodes from my most important podcasts I follow.

All episodes is a smart playlist that includes all podcasts but excludes the podcasts that are in the priority smart playlist.

So my workflow is I listen to podcasts in the Queue, however when the queue runs low, I check my priority smart playlist and from there I can delete an episode I’m not interested in, or add that episode to the queue if I’m ready to listen to it. When I add it to the queue I also remove it from the smart playlist so that I know anything in the smart playlist doesn’t exist in the queue yet.

The best thing is that I can move individual episodes from priority to queue OR priority to all episodes if I feel like I don’t want to lose an episode but I don’t want it clogging up my priority list. The multiple playlists allow for more flexibility than I had with Castro while still allowing me the spirit of what I had in Castro a type of filtering system so I don’t feel I have to listen to every episode of a podcast.

The benefits of switching back to Overcast are also that Jonathan wrote a script that I can use to automatically import listen posts to my website rather than having to do it manually. Also, I’m looking forward to being able to try out Overcast’s Apple Watch app, not to mention I really appreciate Marco’s design aesthetic and attention to detail.

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