Eddie Hinkle

Story-telling and character perspectives in the show "The Affair"

I've been watching the TV show "The Affair" because it has one of my favorite actors and I have to say their story telling approach is so interesting in season one! Every episode is split into two parts, each part is from one of two people's narrative perspective.

The really interesting thing about this perspective shift is that sometimes it covers different events, but sometimes it overlaps the same events that happened in the other part, however in retelling the same event it will have inconsistencies between each person's perspective on how the event happened. Sometimes it's something small like one person or the other started the conversation, or they were chatting in a slightly different room. Other times it is huge inconsistencies like specific things literally never happen in one viewpoint or someone's personality is completely different. For example, the person whose perspective it is, is almost always more docile and the other person is more aggressive. It's really intriguing and makes me wonder if the "truth" of some of these things will ever be revealed or if it will always be a he-said she-said mystery.

So often stories are told in such standard and conventional ways, it really excites me to see stories told in different ways. This tv show is such a great rendition of the classic story-telling tactic of the unreliable narrator.

It's an interesting show and I'm wondering if they are going to change things up in the following seasons or keep the same story-telling approach. If it's the later, will they introduce new perspectives or continue to tell the entire show through these two characters. Only time will tell! Thankfully there are already 4 seasons out so I won't have to wait to find out.

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