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@dori @simonwoods @bradenslen @amit I think there are two very important aspects and you all have hit the first one perfectly (and in referring to the generations have nodded at the other). The first is that there can be a challenge in technical communities to think non-technical, it is definitely a huge hurdle for some. The other is the fact that the last year or two has had some large leaps in IndieWeb technology and it's some of these technologies like Social Readers that are really needed before a lot of the Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter crowds will want to join in. So the reason the "generations" where created (a concept that we are actually re-thinking and planning on revamping in the near future) was to establish the idea that first we have to invent the technology and then we have to make it useable. There have been some major technology inventing going on for the last many years but some huge progress in the last year or two. We are really getting to a place where hopefully we will be able to refine some of this stuff and it will feel more approachable to non-technical communities.
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