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Also, thinking through this a bit more deeply, obviously someone could get data into their json file anyway they wanted, but the easiest way for most people would be a Micropub app that just allows you to snap a photo and upload it without asking for all the normal Micropub stuff. We would need some way to inform the person's server that the post is intended to be a "story". One option would be to send something like channel: ['stories'] or you could make a specialized Micropub app like that have a config screen where you define what additional metadata it sends and then people could use whatever method they wanted, a channel property, a tag property, etc. I definitely don't think a new attribute would be right, and I know channel isn't really used anywhere except your and my sites, but we also can't do tag as a default or else the posts would automatically show up on people's websites as a normal post (unless they configured posts with a specific tag to be routed somewhere else). So this is tricky, but I definitely think something like this would be required for me to use it routinely. My default for my site would probably be to use a 'stories' channel and then to be able to set an audience on each photo/video so that some things I could provide to a subset of people.
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