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Hi Brooklyn, Thanks for your thoughtful post. I agree with you that I believe that Jesus is the messiah. For the purposes of this forum I took a bit of a different view. While I do believe that Jesus is the Messiah, I don’t believe there is logical proof of Jesus being the messiah. To an extent, sure, but I think there are several things missing. First is proof that the Bible verses themselves are true, which have been presupposed to be true in this course. Secondly, as this course pointed out, the Bible verses present a very convincing hypothesis test, however a hypothesis test is never 100%, instead it is all about probabilities. I think ultimately we agree though, I think God didn’t intend for there to be absolute or logical proof of Jesus as the Messiah because, as you mentioned, God desires faith. Faith is the foundation of our beliefs and thus God has always designed things to strength and encourage our faith but never to replace it with sheer logic.

Thanks, Eddie

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