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Added new nickname and micropub cache support

As I mentioned in my newwwyears goals, I wanted to fill out my nickname cache by replacing the random yaml document with a directory of JSON Microformats h-card files. I also mentioned that I wanted to implement adding entries to my nickname cache by utilizing Micropub as I mentioned in my previous post about Following in the IndieWeb.

Today, I've rolled out all of these changes on my website. I also altered the way my audience parameter works. Previously it embedded h-cards within each post with an audience. Now, all audience and person-tag h-cards are stored in my nickname cache first, and then I just put the h-card's uid within the audience array. This change was suggested by Sven in the IndieWeb chat and it was a smart move so I decided to go with that approach.

All in all, I'm very happy with how this turned out. I already added an h-card for a previous post's audience over Micropub and then added that url to the post so that it displays. It worked great! I also added support for retrieving a list of h-cards from the nickname cache by sending a GET request to my Micropub endpoint with ?q=contacts.

This will allow me to build into my Micropub client a request to fetch my nicknames cache and display it to the user. The user will then allow me to select which cards I'd like to attach to a post's audience. The uids of those cards would then be added to the audience of the Micropub post. Feels like a pretty seamless experience to add audiences to my posts which is important because in the future I'll be utilizing audiences more as I begin to add support to my site for private posts.

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