Eddie Hinkle

Bought my first raspberry pi! Pretty excited to start experimenting with it. Although once it came in I realized I need a microSD for it’s hard drive!
78.45 ℉pitech
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@EddieHinkle exciting! Any plans for it?

@EddieHinkle nice! When you say magic mirror, you mean an actual talking mirror? (Cool!)

@EddieHinkle Finishing up a project right now with one! I am so amazed at what a capable computer you can get for ~$30!

@EddieHinkle I use mine as a media and backup server. Runs silently and cool. I keep thinking about downsizing to a Raspberry Pi Zero, but they’re only 32 bit, so I worry about ongoing support. The thumb drive is used to regularly RSync the SD card in case of corruption. C080EFFA-E78A-433F-B000-3763AC8531F0.jpg

@EddieHinkle You can always usb or network boot :)

@EddieHinkle they’re fun to play with!

@EddieHinkle oh yeah!! I've seen this before. Awesome! Please do post pics of this if you do it. I'm so intrigued :)

@EddieHinkle You're right... I forgot you first have to enable USB boot (which also enabled PXE boot), and you need a microSD card for that. Too bad they don't enable that option out of the box. (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/bootmodes/net_tutorial.md)

@EddieHinkle This is only for 3B+ (2018) models. The older ones do need micro SD even when network booting.

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