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Sounds like a great time! Glad you all had fun! Also, don’t feel pressure to rename it to Homebrew Website Club. At the last Organizers Meetup, IndieWeb Meetup was actually discussed as a likely possible rebranding of HWC, so you all might just be ahead of the curve! When I relaunch my local meetup, I’ll be calling it IndieWeb Meetup as well!
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@EddieHinkle Thanks, Eddie! It was a blast. Any idea when that decision will be made? I feel pretty strongly about sticking with what everyone else is doing in this regard, namely because Vancouver in particular is such a tourist-friendly town and I would love to see visitors join us for future meetups.

@EddieHinkle Cool, good to know! As @boris is going to be on the road for the next couple of months, I'm going to take over organizing the Vancouver meetups for the next little while. One change I intend to make immediately is to align our schedule with the rest of the world. Ours was scheduled on Tuesday before we knew Wednesday was a standard.

As for the name, I personally really like Vancouver IndieWeb Meetup (VIM!), so I think it will stick. Thanks for the info!

@pat @eddiehinkle A: it's IndieWeb call it anything you want, but B: not replacing HWC and we hope they continue but wanted to offer a lower commitment event for folks worried about overhead of biweekly events or "clubs" if you plan to meet all the time go with HWC but feel free to add a tag line or change the name to anything m

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