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Currently, existing meetups will continue to be called HWC as to not confuse previous attendees. New meetups have the option to call themselves IndieWeb meetup or HWC. Either way it gets included in the events calendar (https://indieweb.org/events/2018-10-10-homebrew-website-club#Vancouver) Notice the only reason Vancouver is linked to another page here is because it's meeting on a Tuesday rather than Wednesday which is the usual. Both IndieWeb meetups and HWC will be included in the weekly newsletter, and the routine podcasts (This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition and My Url Is). I don't foresee any visitors being confused by it being called an IndieWeb meetup, in fact, I think you might have more visitors because people who are familiar with IndieWeb but NOT the HWC name will still be interested in attending.
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@EddieHinkle Cool, good to know! As @boris is going to be on the road for the next couple of months, I'm going to take over organizing the Vancouver meetups for the next little while. One change I intend to make immediately is to align our schedule with the rest of the world. Ours was scheduled on Tuesday before we knew Wednesday was a standard.

As for the name, I personally really like Vancouver IndieWeb Meetup (VIM!), so I think it will stick. Thanks for the info!

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