Eddie Hinkle

Launched a new podcast this week! You can find the first episode on the site or by following @MyURLIs. Each episode is <30 minutes and features a different person on the IndieWeb. This week was @aaronpk and I've got more really interesting guests on the way!
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@EddieHinkle I think I managed to schedule an appointment for Friday next at 12PM Eastern. Let me know if that took because the site doesn't make it easy to distinguish between dates and times of availability. Looking forward to it.

@EddieHinkle yes, I have Skype, and I have your pods. Will go over the tech questions and the other interview questions this week. Thanks. My skype name is ajrush1

@EddieHinkle OK, I didn't get the email, but my email was down for a couple of days. Just send again when you're ready to reschedule, and I hope they got your heating fixed.

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