Eddie Hinkle

Fall 2018 Premieres: A Million Little Things on ABC

A Million Little Things is a peculiar show. My first impression is that this is ABC’s attempt at answering NBC’s This Is Us.

Unlike This Is Us, which starts out very warm and fuzzy, A Million Little Things took the opposite approach and starts out very depressing. In fact 40 minutes into the 45 minute show Ashley and I were almost ready to give up on the show because it was very depressing and didn’t have a clear direction. In the final 5 minutes, it flips on its head with some touching moments and some startling revelations that sets this show up for a very interesting season ahead.

This show seems promising as long as they keep the story interesting and headed in a positive direction. I have good hopes for the show and Ashley and I are gonna be following this show pretty closely this year.

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