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Hi Justin, What a great example, using Moses parting the Red Sea as a demonstration of encapsulation. I think miracles are one of the best forms that reflect encapsulation. As you talked about that I thought about miracles throughout the Bible and how Jesus himself performed a lot of miracles. Jesus was God, but when He walked the earth, He embraced his humanity. That means Jesus didn’t heal people through His own power as God, He healed people through the Father’s power as God the same way that Moses and all the prophets did miracles. So I was thinking about if a co-worker and I started talking about Jesus’ miracles and how the happened. In John 9:6 Jesus spits in the dirt, makes mud and spreads it across a blind man’s eyes. He is healed when he washes the mud off his eyes. In John 4:46-53 Jesus heals a boy far away just by telling the father “Go, your son will live”. Normally people might think it is unlikely that Jesus healed people in this way. But I thought if I was talking to a co-worker, this would be easily explained in terms of encapsulation. Jesus didn’t want people to think healing people was like magic, like you say something specific and wave your hand. So Jesus used the concept of encapsulation to hide the details of healing. Instead, He engaged with each person differently, but privately He communicated with God the Father and requested the healing. God the Father and Jesus communicated through prayer. Which is much like a public interface to a class. Jesus can use “setters and getters” to communicate with God the Father. We can do the same thing. So if prayer is like setters and getters, why are all our prayers not always answered? Because like any good engineer, God has set up conditions inside the “setter” of prayer to ensure that only prayers that align with His will are acted upon or “set”. The healings were never about the actions Jesus took, it was about the relationship and communication with God the Father, the same way that our objects in Java work because of communication between each other.
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