Eddie Hinkle

I found that I have so many channels in my IndieReader that it was starting to create stress when I opened it. So I’m testing out viewing only channels with new content. Eventually this will be a filter setting you can quickly switch back and forth between
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Nice! Yeah I'm having that problem too. One thing I like about glowing-bear.org is it has an option to only show IRC channels with new content, and there's a "search" box at the top of the list so you can quickly access your other channels. I think I've been holding off on doing something like this in Monocle until I can recreate that UI.

@EddieHinkle ah ok, the caps confused me :)

“Remote Commands”??

For me, Twitter is up to 3926 posts now. I guess I should be a bit more specific about what I follow there.

I've not only setup Inoreader to hide channels without unread content, I also removed the counts of unread posts (simply using my adblocker) to reduce the mental pressure. Maybe another option to consider?

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