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Not that it has to be implemented right now, but I do want to make a case for the “updated” field of a channel. In order to reduce “high noise signal”, for most of my channels, I’ll want the channel’s “unread indicator” to disappear when I reach the top of the timeline (even if things are unread).

When a channel is updated (receives new posts), I would want to be able to re-enable the unread indicator. Essentially saying “there are new posts here” rather than saying “there are unread posts here”. In fact now that I say it, I might make the indicator a different color as well.

That said, the purpose of such a channel is, I want to be able to know what I have and haven’t read, while only being prompted to open the channel if there are new posts. The “new posts” indicator essentially upping the priority of time looking at that channel than one without new posts. That said, when I have more time, to be able to go back to an existing channel and still know what I haven’t read (which is why this can’t just use the “last_read_entry”, even though that is a useful method).

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