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My one-year website-versary

Today is the one-year anniversary of my return to blogging and actively using my own personal website. I have owned domains for a long-time off and on, but one year ago, watching and listening to the political climate and especially the overlap of Christianity and the Republican Party, caused me to have an idea for a blog post.

I pulled out Jekyll because it is really easy and low maintenance for putting up a website. I threw it together and wrote my blog post. You can read it here.

Since then I have continued blogging, owned my microblogging by posting my thoughts to my site first, and twitter (and more recently micro.blog) second. I have enjoyed experimenting with tracking my location, checkins, and what I watch, eat and drink.

It’s been a fun journey, and I have lots more I want to do and look into, and plenty more blog-related thoughts. In fact, I have a pretty large blog post idea that I’ve been ruminating on for the past week or two, that I hope to write out soon.

I have to say, after years of playing on and off with my own personal website, this past year has been extremely satisfying, and I don’t think my website is going away anytime soon.

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