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My first IndieWebCamp!

This past weekend was IndieWebCamp Baltimore and it was awesome! I've been hanging out online with those in the IndieWeb for the past year but until now I was unable to make a trip out to the IndieWebCamps that took place in 2017. Thanks to Marty and Jonathan, Baltimore hosted it's first ever IndieWebCamp.

It was great getting to meet some different people in the D.C. area interested in owning their presence on the internet, as well as finally meeting some of my friends from the IndieWeb Chat, that I hadn't met in person yet: aaronpk, gRegorLove and GWG.

It was a fun experience and there were some awesome discussions that took place during the session on day one. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it back to Baltimore on day two, which is a "hack day" where everyone works on various projects using IndieWeb technologies. I did, however, have my own virtual "hack day" at home when I had the opportunity. So yesterday I added my own authentication and token endpoints!

All together it was a great weekend, and I'm hoping to attend another one before too long. Until then? You can find us in the IndieWeb Chat.

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@EddieHinkle Cool, glad to hear you had a good time at IndieWebCamp Baltimore! Hoping to watch some of the videos this week.

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It was great seeing you this weekend Eddie! I had such an awesome time. Getting to chat with so many brilliant, knowledgeable people was incredibly inspiring. I was telling Marty tonight that I came home Sunday with lots of new leads and resources to check out.

Glad you had a virtual hack day! Look forward to hopefully seeing you at future HWCs and hearing about everything you’re working on.

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