Eddie Hinkle

Spring 2018 Premieres: LA to Vegas on FOX

LA To Vegas is an odd comedy. It follows the passengers and crew of a routine flight route betwee. LA and Las Vegas. It isn’t realistic in any fashion and some of the jokes are a bit outrageous.

The first episode literally only takes place on the airplane just before and during the flights to Vegas and back to LA, as well as a couple scenes in the Airport before and after. My assumption is that is the plan, to have different things happens on the plane flights. They introduced some passengers that seem to take the flight often that the crew seemed to know well, so it is likely they will have some recurring passengers and some new ones every week.

While the jokes aren’t really up my alley, some people might enjoy them. I think my main concern is how many seasons can you continue the story if it ONLY takes place in the airplane? Seems like a show that will only get one or max two seasons.

I’m not really a fan, so I don’t know if I’ll continue watching it or not but at least it is a short comedy which is always helpful.

3.64 ℉☀️Frederick, Marylandspring2018premierestv-review
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