Eddie Hinkle

Spring 2018 Premieres: Grown-ish on Freeform

Well that was disappointing. I watched the premiere of Grown-ish and it lost all of the charm that it’s parent show Blackish had going for it. My wife Ashley and I have enjoyed watching Black-ish since it’s premiere a couple years ago. Going into it, my biggest hope for Grown-ish was that it would spread it’s wings and not feel bound to stay stuck within the confines of the established flow of Black-ish. Well, they accomplished that. But not in the way that I hoped. It lost everything that made Black-ish funny. The only thing that remains is the character Charlie. It was an awkward first episode and the second episode just made it worse. I’ll give it a couple more episodes but it has plummeted to the bottom of my watch list. Good luck picking yourself back out of the hole, Grown-ish.
25.08 ℉☁️Frederick, Marylandspring2018premierestv-review
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