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@manton Just testing a mention now that I think I understand how they work. Let me know if this shows up under your mentions
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@EddieHinkle It didn’t. From external sites, currently mentions will only be recognized from Webmention pings to an existing post. Looking to add better support for mentions in a feed.

@manton btw, when you do look into @-mentions from external feeds, a webmention to the user's profile page being translated into a mention would match up with current IndieWeb practices: Webmention to Homepage

@manton The other option is since you are pulling in the user's feeds, you could just check to see if a link to another user's profile exists inside of the post. Both would line up pretty well with standard practice (because you would have the link there in order to webmention)

@EddieHinkle @manton yes, webmentions to homepages is precisely what I'd love to see :)