Eddie Hinkle

Fall 2017 Premieres: SEAL Team on CBS

What more can you expect from a show with David Boreanaz as the headliner? SEAL Team is a blow away show. As one can expect from the previews the show is basically designed to tear at your heart, and it does.

I went into this show wanting to like it, because who doesn’t like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Haha! But wow, this show did not disappoint! I expected the show to be a lot more focused on the actual combat, and maybe it was an illusion, because I didn’t have a timer going but the show felt to be MUCH more focused on the people and even more about the repercussions of coming home than being out to battle.

I have to say this show hit home, while none of these specific scenarios apply to me, having grown up in a military family watching the story of a military member that has to come back home after experiencing everything they experience struck a real cord with me. The scene that is forever stuck in my mind is the final scene of the premiere, as David Boreanaz sits in the chair, watching his daughter sing. She smiles, and he nervously rubs his palm against his pant leg that hours earlier had been stained with blood and then grips his hand tightly, revealing the emotions and everything that is going on beneath the surface as he smiles at his daughter, proud of her moment singing. That scene killed me and if you give it a chance it will tear you up as well.

I fully recommend SEAL Team and am gonna be following it weekly all season long!

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I did read that it will be more about the people and how they handle everything than about the missions.
Yeah, it was very interesting. I really liked that aspect!
I still think if you want to watch a great show, watch blue Bloods. They just started the 8th season this year! Give it a try some time.
I have it on my Netflix queue I just feel like as a completion-ist I can’t start that far in the middle of a show. Haha! The previews have looked good for the new season
you definitely need to start at the beginning! πŸ˜‰
Thanks for insightful cretique.
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