Eddie Hinkle

Fall 2017 Premieres: The Mayor on ABC

The Mayor is a new half-hour comedy on ABC. I have to say, ABC is king of the comedies. Although there are some ABC comedies I don’t like, it is rare that they don’t get good comedies. I would give The Mayor a B. It’s not their best game but it’s a decent comedy.

The first episode begins with a young rapper trying to get his music out to a wider audience so he enlisted to run as mayor. It’s a stunt that he doesn’t expect to work, however it turns out his experience living in the city has given him a perspective that the voters liked and much to his surprise, he gets elected as mayor!

So now, he has to figure out how to be a good mayor. The chemistry between Brandon Micheal Hall and Lea Michele works well and keeps the show interesting and engaging, despite the odd premise. I don’t know if the show will last, but for now it’s good for some laughs.

I watched an early premiere, so you can still catch the first episode on October 3rd on ABC.

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