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Fall 2017 Premieres: The Brave on NBC

The Brave is a drama on NBC based around the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a team of Special Ops working in the field across the world. This is one of the shows I’ve been looking forward to since the premieres were announced this past may.

It’s an interesting premise, you watch an intelligence team based in DIA that feeds information to a field team of Special Ops that “when there’s no way out, they go in” as the show’s tagline says. This show could easily go either way but one of the things that really gets it right for me is their casting for the Special Ops team leader, Mike Vogel. He portrays his character, Adam, in the way that you want every hero to be: he makes his choices because they are right and he ignores order when need be. His depth of character is what really kept me engaged.

It’s tough to say, but I really wish they had chosen something besides Muslim Terrorism as the opening premiere. I know that is one of our primary modern threats to the U.S. and our military but for storytelling it just really feels overused recently. I pushed through the predictable circumstances in this episode because I cared about the team.

I’m interested enough to continue the show, but I hope they come up with some more interesting and innovative scenarios. However, regardless of if they improve the weekly challenges that the team faces, for me the big draw to this show is the main characters of the team and if they are able to keep their lives engaging I can probably suffer through whatever weekly scenario they end up in so that I can see where it takes them.

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