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Fall 2017 Premieres: Gotham Season 4 on FOX

Gotham is in it’s 4th season on FOX. As you know, I really enjoy my superhero shows and Gotham is definitely one of them. However, this is the only superhero show that my wife, Ashley, watches with me. Which is a good sign for you, because that means this isn’t your typical nerdy niche superhero show. It’s got a great cast and has a very real, gritty vibe. It is in it’s 4th season, but it’s a great time to jump in because after several years of having Bruce Wayne be a young boy whose parents had just died, he has finally started to become a teenager and a vigilante. In fact, each season has a subtitle and this season’s is “A Dark Knight”, which is Batman’s nickname!

If you are a comic book buff, you’ll have to prepare yourself what is likely nothing like any of the comics, but for the rest of us this is a great, very realistic feeling of a classic superhero and the villains in his world. One of my favorite parts of this series is that the well-known Batman police officer, Gordon, is played by Ben McKenzie (of The OC fame). I definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a darker show. This is definitely not your light-hearted comedy!

If you’re a completionist like me, I would suggest watching the season premiere of Season 4 to make sure you like the show, and if you do then you can catch up on Seasons 1-3 on Netflix.

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Hey Eddie! I binged watched seasons 1 & 2. I thought Season 3 started strong, but then it kinda went off the rails for me and I stopped watching.
Yeah, Season 3 was difficult in the last half. I would encourage you to try out Season 4 it seems like they've reset pretty well
I can’t seem to get into this show. Being a huge Batman fan. Everything is wrong with this show. Way to many villains. The ages n timing of some characters. (Example: Bruce and Harvey Dent. They should be the same age. They were also very close friends.) n now he’s starting his transformation into Batman. But he’s still way to young. Lol. It’s just way to weird n off for me. The one n only thing that makes me really want to watch it tho is the guy who plays the joker. Every clip I’ve seen with him he’s so spot on! Maybe one day i’ll continue watching.
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