Eddie Hinkle

Summer 2017 Retrospective: Salvation Season 1 on CBS

While I hope that CBS cancels Zoo, I'm terrified that they might cancel Salvation. What a show! It was a great premise with really interesting characters.

They advertised Salvation as a "Summer Event Series" so I start it expecting it to be a one time summer series. The more the season went on I began to hope that Salvation would be a recurring series. And it turns out it's intended to be. Which is great! The only issue is CBS hasn't confirmed Salvation's renewal yet.

I loved the story line and the plot twists throughout the entire season. The season 1 finale was great with as much hype as you would expect with the possibility of both nuclear and apocalyptic extinction. I do feel like the finale was a few minutes short and could have gone just a bit further into the storyline but ultimately, beggars can't be choosers...so I'm begging CBS to renew Salvation for Season 2.

The entire first season is available on Amazon Prime, so if you didn't catch it this summer feel free to go check it out!

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