Eddie Hinkle

HWC Frederick 2017-08-23 Wrap-Up

Frederick's August 2017 meetup for Homebrew Website Club met at the Urbana Regional Library on August 23rd. This is the first official meetup for Frederick!

Below are notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup.

eddiehinkle.com (Eddie) - Has been working on a pretty long-term project of porting his website from Jekyll (static site) to Angular (a JavaScript framework). Talked about logging things he is passionate about: what he's watched, where he's been and what he's drank or ate.

fflawpunk.tumblr.com (Ricky) - Doesn't have an active personal website, but has a tumblr from several years ago that he used to post his 3d work on. He's been learning about programming with the Odin Project, and recently been using Python to help automate some work tasks.

Kate - Doesn't have a personal website, used to use a tumblr many years ago. She's been learning programming with Ricky through the Odin Project and has been working on making a new website for her employer with Ricky.

jjuran.org (Josh) - Talked about his website, explained how it uses markdown to store the posts and that it uses a custom perl script to generate the static html files. He uses rsync to push the files to his server. He explained that he's been working on creating his own programming language.

Scott - Doesn't have a personal website, but he is currently working on building a Wordpress site that will be a Lorem Ipsum generator that uses Italian food names (his girlfriend and him love italian food). He is really into Wordpress and has done a lot of wordpress sites in the past and is looking into building more in the near future and is also looking into learning programming, especially Javascript.

Other Things:

We hope that you'll join us for another HWC Frederick, which will next meet on September 20th at the Urbana Regional Library!

Photo of Attendees Photo of eddiehinkle.com, jjuran.org and Scott. (Not pictured: Ricky and Kate).

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