Eddie Hinkle

My first npm module

npm is the node package manager. For JavaScript server programmers (node.js), npm is a vital piece of their programming life cycle. They use npm to declare outside code modules that are required for their application and are able to download and update those modules whenever needed based on the npm system. Every early node.js programmer learns to use npm.

Over the many years of programming in JavaScript one will learn how to use all sorts of npm modules. But today, I broke a barrier for me. Today, I published my first npm module.

Most of my programming career has spent working on code that is either highly focused marketing material for clients or is for clients that don't necessarily want their code available for all (like the government). So I haven't had a lot of time for open source code. Over the years I've tried to make small little libraries when I get the chance, and I've always just made them available on GitHub, which when it comes to node.js is almost as bad as not existing.

So today I changed that. I wrote my first fully TypeScript-backed npm module that is an early stage api client for Mavenlink. It still has a lot of work to go, it has basic bare bone functionality that was needed to power a slack integration app that I built for an employer. Over time I hope to continue to add functionality to it as well as hoping that others will contribute as well.

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So...Eddie...is there a version of your post in English?😂
🤣 English Translation: I built my own tool that any JavaScript programmer that needs to build something that connects to Mavenlink (a Project Management site) can download into their own toolbox, and anytime I update it, they can get updates too.
You beat me to that question Cap'n!
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