Eddie Hinkle

Only me holding down the fort for the first Frederick Homebrew Website Club 😁 at Urbana Regional Library
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Your first check-in at Urbana Regional Library!
First of your friends to check in here.
Your first Library.
Channeling your inner Ansel Adams with that photo!
It'll probably take awhile. Hang in there. 😊
Hey Kerrie, there's a "club/group" called the Homebrew Website Club, that's part of an international collective of people who buy a domain and to be their primary online identity and post all content to their site first and then use various tools to push that out to social media platforms, rather than just posting our information directly into social media platforms where it's locked down and we can use it the way we want
I started a local chapter of those groups in my local town this last week 🙂
That's why you'll notice most of my posts nowadays have a URL at the end, because the post is being pushed from my website (https://eddiehinkle.com) rather than being entered directly into Facebook
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