Eddie Hinkle

Ten years of iPhone

Everyone is talking about the tenth anniversary of the iPhone being released. I had an iBook and an iPod before I ever had an iPhone, but my first iPhone is truly one of the things that cemented Apple as my brand of technology.

I watched the first iPhone announcement by Steve Jobs online when it happened and while I didn't buy the iPhone on launch day, I did buy the original iPhone. It was tricky because I was a T-Mobile customer (and it was only available on AT&T), and the phone was unsubsidized and cost somewhere between $600 and $800. But in January 2018 I will have used an iPhone as my primary phone for a decade.

The way I view technology and it's integration into our lives was directed and pushed forward through owning an iPhone all of these years and following it through its major milestones. I have influenced almost all of y close friends, family members and even in-laws into owning and using iPhones. It was also one of the leading factors to me working at the Apple Store for several years.

Now that the iPhone has reached an age of maturity as its first decade comes to a close, the question is what will technology look like when the iPhone is 20 years old? When the iPhone was released the Mac was 23 years old. Think about that, in 20 years the world went from introducing the world's first mass market visual interface to introducing the world's first mobile multi-touch interface. Over the last decade the iPhone has evolved and we've seen the iPad become as powerful as almost all Macs older than 1-2 years.

What does the next decade hold?

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Yee that first iPhone keynote is still one of the best memories ever. That moment of OMG we have hit this moment in time where we not have a fully touch screen phone has arrived. Lol. And then me n jenny buying one b4 you. Lol but you needing to hack it for ours to work. Haha. I am very excited for fall. N to think where iPhone will be in 10 more years!!!!
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